Saturday, 19 November 2011

What Could Be Simpler?

So you want to earn £100 per week in your spare time around your job and family commitments?

Step 1: Deliver and collect 250 catalogues each week which will generate about £1000 of orders in four weeks and earn you about £275.

Step 2: Find just 3 people and show them how to earn £275 in four weeks, and Kleeneze will reward you with a bonus of £200 out of the profits created from the additional business you have generated.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

UK unemployment rose by 129,000 in the three months to September to 2.62 million, as youth unemployment rose above a million.
At the same time, the number of self-employed people reached a record high of 4.09 million.

Hmmmm food for thought...... does this make you think, why do I still work for a Boss? Make the change today and start your own business, we can show you how, we will support you, and together we will build a fantastic business...... ..... watch the video, see what its all about.....