Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Do You Dare To Dream?

Ok, do you dare to dream or are you prepared to settle for what you have? I see many people every day who have chosen the latter path in life, they go about their daily routine, they work mundane jobs, they whinge and moan all the time that they don't have enough money for this or that, etc. And what are they doing to address the situation and make their lives better..... yes of course absolutely nothing.... because they do not dare to dream.

No one should have to settle for second best, there is a way to make a difference, it just requires you to change a few things, work a little harder, and earn yourself an extra income. We made the change 5 years ago because we dared to dream, and decided it was time our dreams came true. Would our dreams come true if we did nothing? No... we had to make the change, so we started our own business with Kleeneze. See our story here

If you are ready to make the change, to make your dreams come true, we can help you, simply drop us an email and we will be in touch.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Don't Just Bin Your Old Kleeneze Catalogues

We are putting out cats to our customer base today and have taken out the Summer Special which will not be consigned to the bin. We have designed a slip which we have placed inside the catalogue as follows:

Browse and order from the Kleeneze product range including the fantastic Christmas 2011 catalogue online at your convenience and we will personally deliver the goods to you within a few days.

Payment is not made online but is due by CASH or CHEQUE on delivery.

We have also included our website address, contact number and our usual Distributors Wanted advert. These books will be dropped as they are (no snappy bag required) around our customer base today. We first tried this a couple of months ago with 25 old main books and received an online order from a brand new customer.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Our Kleeneze Sales Are Booming

Just a quick update on our week, our first with Xmas catalogue's, order placed today for £482 from a customer base of just 50 houses, of which just over £200 was for products from the Xmas range, we are over the moon with that result.

We also have a further £250 of Xmas orders as a result of using "Spread The Cost Of Xmas" slips in our catalogue packs.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Home finances 'fell for 40% of households in August'

Almost 40% of households saw their finances deteriorate between July and August, according to a survey by the financial information company, Markit.
The study, of 1,500 adults, showed finances worsened at their fastest pace since February 2009, in the middle of the last recession.
Many reported a rise in debt levels and a fall in savings and income. Click here to read the full report.

If you are affected by diminishing funds then its about time you took control of the situation, and we can help, visit our website to see what is available.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Are You One Of The One Million Unemployed 18 - 24 Year Olds?

That is a shocking statistic, 1 million young people in the UK aged 18 - 24 are unemployed !!!

We have an opportunity that is open to all aged 18 years and older, it can be started as spare time employment so that benefits are not affected, typical earnings from £50 - £200+ per week, even more is available for more ambitious people. Your own business so no boss, no stock to hold, cash in hand, regular four weekly bonus, full training and support etc etc.

Please invite all the 18 - 24 year olds and unemployed people irrespective of age that you personally know to take a look at the Kleeneze opportunity via our website you could just be doing them a big big favour, just like Ruth Brown below, thanks.

Ruth Brown

I started the business because I was sick and tired of being on the Dole and wanted to get my self respect back, give my son a better future and work for myself.

This is my first monthly bonus cheque, and in addition I’ve had £250 start-up grant from the government and massive help and support along with extra incentives from the company to help me start and expand my business.

I also get Working Tax Credits so I’m actually much better off already.

I do the business without a car and around my 4 year old son and am already starting to build a team of my own under the training and guidance of my sponsor and upline.

The company and our team have massive vision for expansion and we can all benefit from the millions they are spending on TV advertising and other initiatives, and increase our incomes to the level we want to, and not what a boss tells us we can.

The future looks very exciting indeed!

This is just the start of a very exciting career and is ideally suited to mums who want something rewarding which fits around their children.