Saturday, 30 April 2011

Send This FREE Ebook Sample To Your Prospects

I have made mention of a book The Formula For Success In Network Marketing by Chris Taylor in my blog posts, and have recommended it as a must read book for newbies to the business.

If you haven't read it yet you can now download a sample that includes the first four chapters: Network Marketing Is A Great Industry, Persistence or Luck?, Royalty Income, Do What It Takes.

The book is ideal to give to your new team members as it is in itself a thorough training guide to the business, and the ebook sample is great for sending to prospects.

You can purchase a copy of the book via the book recommendation link to the right of this post, but for now click here to get the FREE download.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

This Is How To Make A Fanastic Income From Kleeneze

If you are in the position right now of having no money and no job you could make a fantastic income by retailing full time with Kleeneze, just have a read of this story about a guy who earned over £3000 in the first month that he retailed full time, and who then had to start from scratch again when he moved to Guernsey three years later and earned over £2200 in his first month.

Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman

After being laid off from work as a bathroom fitter in June 2006, I decided to go full-time with Kleeneze. My income went from £222 to £3,042 in my first 4 weeks full-time which works out at £20+ per hour.

In 2009 I moved 450 miles away to Guernsey to be with my new partner and had to rebuild my customer base again. I needed a full-time income instantly.

I`d been in this position before, so I knew what to do. I put my books out, left them for 48 hours, then collected them back in. I do this Monday to Friday every week.

The income this gives me, means I don`t have to work for a Boss and the Time Freedom and Flexible Hours means I do what I want when I want.

I am also concentrating on the team building side of the business, as we will be in New York with Kleeneze in Nov 2011. This business is fantastic, where else could you earn this type of money, just for putting out some catalogues and building your own future.

If you get a burning desire to achieve something, then nothing gets in your way. Decide what you want from your Kleeneze business and work hard, it’s so worth it.

If he can do it, anyone can, Paul by his own admission is not a special person, he just applies a special effort. If you would like to get started with Kleeneze we will be more than happy to show you what you need to do, so please just leave your details on our web page via this link and we will be in touch.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Can You Afford To Pay For Your Child's School Dinner?

It sounds unbelievable but some parents at a school in Liverpool are struggling to pay for school dinners for their kids, click here to read the full story, of how the school is threatening to send debt collectors round to get unpaid dinner money from parents. Even though the meals cost just £1.70 per day some parents apparently owe hundreds of pounds.

Sounds like another job for Kleeneze.........

Are You Saving Up For Xmas?

I know that Christmas is over 34 weeks away but it will be here before you know it and then it will be too late to worry about whether you have enough money to buy everything that you want for your children etc. So have you started to budget for it, are you putting a little bit by every week? If you can manage to save just £25 each week that will accumulate to around £750 by the end of November. But will that be enough? Can you manage to save £25 per week? What are the alternatives?

Well you could do what most people do and bang it on your credit cards if they aren't already maxed out, and then spend the best part of the following year paying off the debt.

We have an alternative solution for you to consider:

Register with us as a Kleeneze distributor, your investment will be no more than £185 and could be considerably less depending on the level at which you join. When your catalogues arrive which will take just a couple of days we will show you all you need to do to start earning money from your new business. If you start at the top level with 250 catalogues and spend the next 30 weeks delivering and collecting them just once each week, which will take around 12 hours or so each week, then earnings in excess of £50 per week are typical (in fact the national average is just under £70 per week. How will that feel when you come to do your Xmas shopping and you have over £1500 to spend?

Further information on how it works is available here

To join us as a distributor please email and we will contact you.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What Exactly is Network Marketing?

Author: Jason Oickle

To begin with, the concept behind network marketing is simple. Sharing - through product or business philosophy - is the basis of network marketing.

Network marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry involving millions of independent business people around the globe. Large companies like Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive, Kleeneze Europe, AT&T and others, have all turned to network marketing because of the very real edge it gives them in both domestic and international marketing.

Network marketing is a 'BIG' small business, which offers everyone, with or without business experience, the opportunity to start and run a home-based business that works. It is the last frontier where 'the little guy', (people like you and me) can make it BIG.


The traditional way of marketing products is to move them from a manufacturer through a network of middlemen. National Wholesalers, regional wholesalers, Cash & Carry warehouses, retailers, - the 'middlemen' - all add their 'valueless' percentage to the price of the product.

By the time the product or service reaches you, the end user, you're not only paying for the product, but a percentage of the price for each and every middleman in the network.

In network marketing there are no middlemen. Instead of paying them, a network marketing company will pay you for whatever amount of product you cause to be 'moved'.

As a sole individual operating alone, the amount of product or service provision you could 'move' from your own efforts, would be relatively small. In network marketing however, the amount you 'caused' to be moved indirectly could be huge.

Here then is the essence of a network marketing compensation plan. For not only will you be compensated for the product or service provision you personally cause to be moved from your own direct efforts, you will also receive indirect compensation for the product or service provision that your 'organisation' 'causes' to be moved.


To be successful in network marketing you will need to build an 'organisation'. That is to say you will need to 'share' the benefits of both the products/service provision and the business opportunity with others. In network marketing this is referred to as your 'downline'.

The 'serious' money to be had in network marketing is to be had from what is termed as 'over-ride' commissions from the 'movement' of product or service provision from the 'downline' your 'sponsor' will help you to build.(In network marketing it is the responsibility of your introducing 'sponsor' to help you build your 'downline'.)

All you need to do initially to build a 'downline' is to 'share' with others the information about the products or service provision and the business opportunity on offer.

Theoretically, if after 'sharing' the information with others and you subsequently attracted just five SERIOUS individuals who decided to join you in your network marketing business - for illustration purposes only - your 'downline' could equate to the following after five levels of geometric


You sponsor just 5 SERIOUS people into your business.

Your level 1/ 5

They duplicate your efforts and each sponsor 5 SERIOUS people.

Your level 2/ 25

These 16 duplicate your efforts and each sponsor 5 SERIOUS people.

Your level 3/ 125

These 125 duplicate your efforts and each sponsor 5 SERIOUS people.

A little arithmetic will tell you that's theoretically a total of 3,905 people on your fifth level.


Imagine the power of a business-building plan that would pay you an agreed 'over-ride' commission on each product or service provision 'moved' by each and every one of those 3,905 potential distributors in your downline. Network marketing then is about a LOT of people 'moving' a little product. The more people you introduce, the greater your income potential. Notice that I said SERIOUS people. You may find that you have to introduce 20, 30 or even 50 new distributors before you find a person who Gets SERIOUS about the business.

If you want to toss aside the potential earnings on offer as being ridiculous or impossible - DON'T. I personally have met people who are earning $5,000 to $50,000 per month (yes per month) from network marketing for part-time effort. Though the majority of networkers earn hundreds rather than many thousands per month, (most working part-time) it must be understood then that if you are to make serious income, you must put in serious effort. No free lunches here! The professionals in Network Marketing (those that earn HUGE incomes) recognise that to become successful you must "go through the numbers". That is, sort through lots and lots of people until you find those people who get SERIOUS about the business.

There are two prongs to earning in Network marketing. First, is, of course, building a ´down line´. But remember, a large organization of people who do NOTHING other than sponsoring others, earns NOTHING!

Second is, BALANCE and CONSISTENCY. Spend some time building your
organization yes, but also spend time PROMOTING your products/services
to others and use the products/services yourself!


The simple answer is you don't. You want those who convince themselves. If they are truly looking for a way to become successful, then they'll come to you to go after it. The key to achieving success in network marketing is not to be had by convincing people, but by helping those (SERIOUS) people who want to become successful themselves.


As it has been estimated that 20% of the UK working population - that's approximately 6 million people - would be interested in starting their own business, the marketplace in the UK alone is truly enormous. With a recent MORI poll indicating that 50% of 16 - 25 year olds were interested in starting their own business, the marketplace is actually growing.

One of the most important things to recognise is that the most precious resource available to you is in the new blood - the millions of business opportunity seekers who are not presently involved in networking. For it is there that you will find the success stories of tomorrow for your downline organisation.

The impact of the Internet on network marketing will be absolutely HUGE.


In any successful business it is the quality of the product or service that is being offered that is the single most important aspect for its success.

The most lucrative compensation plan in the world will NOT provide you with an on-going residual income if the product or service doesn't provide tangible value and benefits for yourself and your customers.

Provide a product or service that people need, want, coupled with a business opportunity they are willing to tell their friends about and you can build yourself a business empire in network marketing!


Tip# 1/ If you're already involved in a network marketing programe and you're being 'sold' primarily on the benefits of the compensation plan with the product or service being offered as a secondary consideration, then read the above paragraph again and MOVE to a company whose products or services 'move'.

Tip# 2/ Ask yourself this important question: Is the network marketing programme I'm considering joining one that I'm willing to share with my friends and family? The comment "I don't want my friends and family to know what I'm doing, l want to become successful first - then I'll introduce them!!" is almost legendary in network marketing. (A comment oftimes made by failed networkers who had no real belief in the company or the products they were promoting in the first place!) If you immediately feel
comfortable with the prospect of letting your neighbours, your friends and your family know about the network programme you're considering joining, have belief in the company and its products/service provision, have confidence in your introducing sponsor, then you have probably chosen the right company to work with.

Tip# 3/ Don't be impatient by expecting things to happen overnight! Building a moderately productive downline in any network marketing programme takes TIME - many months not many weeks.

Tip# 4/ Read tip 3 again and avoid like the plague any company which suggests otherwise or does not require you to invest in the development of a distributor base. If your prospective sponsor in the network marketing programme you're being invited to join doesn't stipulate that it takes TIME to build a significantly productive downline then it's not a business your being invited to join but a game - and one you're bound to lose!

Tip# 5/ If you want to dine with the classes - deal in products or services wanted by the masses!

If you have tried Network Marketing before and failed, you probably chose the wrong company, the wrong sponsor, or the wrong product.


A message from the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP to the Direct Selling Association.

" I'm delighted to offer my support to the Direct Selling Association and point out to you how big a part direct selling is of our domestic market in the sale of goods and services. We've got something like 13% of the entire home shopping market done by direct selling, almost half a million
people are involved in direct selling and 40,000 of those are doing it full time...It also shows how, in a changing economy and changing labour market, there are great new opportunities out there.

I want to say to you that this is a good thing to be involved in and that we, as a Government recognise the tremendous contribution that people who are taking up direct selling opportunities can make to the overall prosperity of the economy. So it is well worth doing, well worth being involved in and I wish those of you who are engaged in it, the very best for the future."

The above is the text of a video message given to members of the Direct Selling Association on the occasion of the DSA's Annual Conference held at Hinckley Leicestershire on 5-6 May 1999.


Network marketing isn't for everybody. While some people swear by network marketing, others simply swear! (Read tip No. 3 again to find out why). To succeed in network marketing you will need determination, commitment, enthusiasm and most importantly - a burning desire for success. If you believe you have those qualities get back to the person who provided you with this information TODAY.

Article Source:

About the Author

Jason Oickle enjoys teaching people how to be successful online Professional Internet Marketing Course

Sunday, 24 April 2011

So You Want To Be A Kleeneze Distributor!!

Terrific, here's how you get started:

Firstly you can only register as a distributor via an existing Kleeneze distributor who will then be your sponsor, and will be responsible for teaching you the business, and mentoring you to success, so choose your sponsor wisely.

Your sponsor will talk you through the different levels at which you can join the business, so that you start with the business kit best suited to your requirements.

You will then complete the online registration with the help of your sponsor, a process which takes just a few minutes. Your business starter kit be will ordered during the registration and usually arrives within a couple of working days, so you can be making an income within just a few days.

For more information please visit

Friday, 22 April 2011

A Typical Day At Work In The Factory ?

Does this sound familiar ?

Clock in at a time dictated by the boss, go for a break at a time dictated by the boss, whinge and moan about everything to anyone who will listen, clock off at a time dictated by the boss, and all for £8 an hour if you are lucky.

Compare this with Kleeneze: A single mum in the business has taken orders for over £2100 in the last week and earned herself £440 in the process, that's over £100 more than the average factory worker. And she made all the decisions about when to work and when to be at home for her kids, and she did not have to clock in or out.

So the question is:

Are you in control of your life or is someone else?

Is this the life that you were meant to have?

Is this the life that you want to have in the future?

You cannot change your past but you can change your future, the decisions you have made in the past have lead you to be where you are today. And the decisions you make tomorrow will determine your future. So why not take a look at the Kleeneze opportunity on our website, read the stories, watch the video's, find out how it works, etc. click here now.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Top UK Franchise For Less Than £200

Most people are put off buying a franchise because they do not have the money to invest and don't want to put their house on the line. Those that do buy into it have to work 24/7 to make it work.

Loads of people are making fantastic incomes with a franchise that costs less than £200 see some of the stories here

With our help you can start part time or even just spare time and build your income, then when it surpasses what you earn from the day job you will have the chance to sack your boss.

Watch the dvd explaining how it works here

Ok, so now that we have your interest what do you do next ? Simple, just send us an email here

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

This Is What The 45 Year Plan Leads To

Yes, the 45 year plan, where you work the best of your life making someone else rich has been found wanting again. There is no pot of gold at the end of your working days, the vast majority of us will not wallow in the riches we have accumulated, sorry to say most of us will be potless and broke as shown in the report below.

A study by Age UK has revealed that due to the rising living costs almost half of pensioners in the UK are just getting by, click here to read the report in detail.

It is time to ditch the 45 year plan, start working on your future today, take a look at the Kleeneze opportunity

Thursday, 14 April 2011

How To Create A Residual Income

Many people join a network marketing business such as Kleeneze to earn an extra income, typically £50 per week, alongside their job, so that they can pay off some bills, save for a holiday or a car etc.
However that decision changes for most people once they have been to a few meetings/trainings and have had the opportunity to meet some of the networks top earners, and they then see it as the opportunity to build a residual income and to take ownership of their life.

Network Marketing is about people helping people, if you help enough people to achieve what they want, then you will achieve what you want. This is the basic concept behind earning a residual income. To create a significant residual income from your Kleeneze business you first need to make progress in the sales plan to Gold distributor level, which will provide you a four weekly income of around £1000 but can be significantly more. Here is our cheque when we qualified at the Gold level:

At the Gold level, depending on the structure of your business, you will already have an element of residual earnings, however by helping just two of your team up to the Gold level, you will have cemented and increased your residual income significantly, and earnings of £2500+ every four weeks are typical. And all this can be done very much in your spare time around a job.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It

Download the pdf file here to read all the fantastic stories in The Kleeneze Daily.

Monday, 11 April 2011

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Join Kleeneze

We are living in troubled times and nearly every day there is a doom and gloom story reported on the television or in the press, about how people in this country are suffering with not having enough money to live, as these recent reports show.

According to a report on the BBC website yesterday, the average family in the UK will be £910 worse off this year.

The number of people suffering with depression has grown by more than 40% over the past four years as people struggle with debt and concern for their jobs, data obtained by the BBC shows.

Student debts are rising with the largest owed being in excess of £66,000.

Debts are rising with the average home owner owing more than £30,000 in addition to their mortgage.

In recent years when people have needed more money to fund a holiday, christmas, a new car, etc like us they have got out the credit card. We now know the errors of our ways as our credit has maxed out and we see stories of credit card companies charging even higher interest rates.
The answer to the problem is to earn more money but the chance of getting a substantial pay rise this year is unlikely for most people, if you get a pay rise at all.

If a little extra cash would make a difference to you right now we can help you earn an extra £50+ per week in just a few spare time hours delivering and collecting Kleeneze catalogues. Please leave your details on our website and we will get in contact with you.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Did You Get A Pay Rise? - This Couple Did!

Dean and Flora Copson

Dean and Flora Copson

Our Kleeneze journey started in August 2007 after our car was carded in a 
Tesco Car Park and we completed our details on the website. We had thought 
about doing something in the evenings to get us from in front of the TV.

Although we both have good jobs we still had a certain amount of debts and if 

we wanted to go on holiday we really had to pull in our belts. In our first period 
we had retailed ourselves to 13 % and a cheque for £429.

We have steadily built up our team whilst working over 100 hours a week 

between us in very demanding roles and bringing up our daughter Anna who has 
very much been a part of the Kleeneze team. 

Anna has delivered catalogues, processed and delivered orders and attended 

training sessions and is very willing to tell people how great this business is.
The income we have got from Kleeneze has also enabled us to take Anna to 

Disneyland in Orlando in 2010 for her 10th birthday.

This was a fantastic trip and has really inspired us to get to New York.

We have now qualified as Gold Distributors and are now in qualification for 

New York. Our focus now is to support our great team in achieving their goals 
in 2011.

Dean and Flora Copson

Friday, 8 April 2011

We All Have Free Leads

When you start your own business working from home with Kleeneze you will bring a large number of free leads into the business with you. Your sponsor will advise you to contact your free leads, we know it as your "warm list" and let them know about the exciting new opportunity you have become involved with.

Your warm list is very simply a list of people you know, so will include all your family, friends, current and ex work colleagues, neighbours,  anyone you come into contact with regularly etc and will usually amount to hundreds of names.

It is important not to prejudge people and to contact everyone as you cannot possibly know who is going to be interested or not. Just because your uncle Dave drives a flashy car it doesn't mean that he is financially well off, and he may well be sick of his job, and be looking for a lifestyle change.

The process is to send them some information whether it be an information pack and/or dvd you drop off or post, or by inviting them to view an online presentation. Then you simply give them a call a couple of days later to see if they are interested in what is available. If you are new to the business yourself your sponsor will help you with this.

There are two possible outcomes for each person you approach, they will say "Yes" and join your business or they will say "No". Everyone who joins will be helping to grow your business so as their sponsor it is important that you duplicate the process and encourage them to contact their own "warm list", and grow their own business. It is also important that you ask for referrals from anyone who declines the opportunity as they will usually be able to give you a list of people they know to contact.

Just imagine that just three people on your warm list agree to join the business, your "warm list" of potential new team members has just multiplied three fold, and when some people from these warm lists join they also bring their own list of contacts, so it is unlikely that your team will ever run out of warm list contacts.

With the fast approaching launch of Kleeneze E-commerce we are making plans to recontact not just our warm list, but everyone we have ever spoken to about the opportunity, as this exciting new income stream may just tip the balance in favour of them joining our business.

To find out more please leave your details at

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rags To Riches Mum Cleans Up With Kleeneze

Another fantastic story which was published in the Daily Record about one of the top, top earners in Kleeneze.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Are You Scared Of Opportunity?

Why are people afraid to start a home based business?

They doubt that working a business from home will provide them with a serious income.They feel that their inexperience will affect their chances of success, and that they won’t get the mentoring and support that they need to get their business off the ground. They may know someone or have heard about a friend of a friend who didn’t do very well in a work from home opportunity. These are just some of the doubts most people have when they are considering a career change. This is very normal, and because people think these things it can very often stop them from getting started. How wrong this is.

If someone is willing to take the time to discuss their business with you, then this is someone who is willing to genuinely help and support you. If you can connect with them and you feel comfortable that they know their business then they could be the right person to mentor you.

We have posted quite a few testimonials about our opportunity on this blog, and you will see from them how Kleeneze has helped to change the circumstances of many people for the better. There are other testimonials on our website  via this link.

It is people like these that offer trust, integrity and something to take seriously and who in turn are evidence that this business is something that you can become part of and be proud of.
They too had the same doubts, concerns, and scepticism like many people do, but fundamentally they took action. They trusted the person and the opportunity and it has paid off. They were looking for someone who was willing to give them the support & training they needed to be successful.

With the way the economy is at the moment, more and more people want change, but they very often fail to take the next step.Are you one of them?

If you are ready to take the next step please leave your details here and we will be in touch.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Customer Service Is Key To A Fantastic Customer Base

From your very first week delivering and collecting catalogues as a Kleeneze distributor you will start to accumulate customers. This will be the start of your customer base, and is key to your future income, so it is vitally important that your customers stay loyal to you, and do not order from another distributor in the area.
The key to keeping your customers loyal is to give them great customer service; here are some tips to help you:

Presentation: It is important to keep your catalogues looking fresh, don't deliver tatty looking one's to your customer base. The same with snappy bags, this is your shop window so make sure it is looking clean and shiny, and change them if they are looking grubby. You will also want to look "presentable" when you are out and about working your business, so wear smart casual, or the kleeneze branded clothing to create the right image.

Organisation: Be organised, keep good records of who your customers are and give them a regular 4 or 5 week service. Always collect your books on the day you have stated on your day slip, and use a Thank You slip when you pick up an order as it lets your customer know that you have picked up their order, and lets them know when you are delivering it. Make sure your contact number is on all your slips so that customers can easily contact you if they need to.

Delivering Products: Use Kleeneze carriers to deliver customer orders in, we include a little snappy bag with two wrapped sweets and a thank you for your order note with each order. We have been doing this for over 3 years and some of our customers look for the sweets before they look at the products. Always be courteous, smile, chat to your customers, get to know them, for some you will  be the only friendly face they will see that day, so let them tell you about their aches and pains! Always close the garden gate on your way out and don't take a short cut across the grass, it might just annoy them.

We hope that you find these tips useful. If you have any tips of your own please feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Would You Like A Pay Rise This Week?

Now that might seem like a silly question, who wouldn't like a pay rise? The way things are at the moment with the price of petrol going through the roof, the increase in vat, the cost of your weekly food shopping increasing every week, and what with all the cut backs announced in the Budget, we could all do with a pay rise!

However in reality if every employed person in the UK went to their boss this week and asked for a pay rise, I wonder how many of us would actually get one? I reckon it wouldn't be many. Perhaps we should all give it a try and see what response we get.

Personally if I want a pay rise this week or any other week I can have one, all I need to do is put more catalogues out and I will earn more money. Simple! Just an extra 250 catalogues distributed & collected this week which will take me around six hours or less to do will earn me an extra £50 or so. If I want more I simply need to do more.

So, go on, ask your boss today if you can have an extra £50 in your pay packet this week! Or come and join us in Kleeneze and we will show you how to earn an extra £50+ each and every week that you want to.

For details about how to get started please email us at or visit and leave your details on the Contact Us page.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Book Review - The Formula For Success In Network Marketing - Chris Taylor

This is one of the best, if not the best "How To" books on Network Marketing. It is packed with practical help on all aspects of the business, and is ideal to give to your new team members as a first starter book. It is irrelevant as to which opportunity you are involved with as this book works for anyone getting started  with a direct selling organization, and covers the fundamental principles of building a successful business.

We have placed a link to the listing on Amazon in the right hand column of the blog.


One way to sponsor people into your network marketing business is to simply talk to everyone you meet as you go about your daily business. There is a method we use which is called the Third Party Approach. By this we mean for example that if you were talking to someone you know you wouldn't ask them directly if they would be interested in earning an extra income. Because even if they could use some extra money they perhaps would be embarrassed at admitting to it and would probably tell you that they are not interested.

Instead what you would do is ask a question along these lines, "Bob, I am looking to help people who could do with earning an extra income, would you happen to know anyone who might be interested". 

The important point to note is the word Anyone, this makes it a third party approach, and as you are not directly asking Bob if he would like to earn an extra income, his most likely answer is "Doing what?" or "What is it?" Because the person he knows who could do with some extra cash right now is Himself, and he has just asked for some information.

So your response to this would be along the lines of, "I tell you what I'll do Bob, I'm running late for a meeting so let me have your details (address & phone number) and I will send you some information. (You could also ask for an email address if you prefer to send information that way).

It's very important that you send Bob an information pack asap, and then follow up with him by phone a couple of days later, to see if he is interested.

When you call him a couple of days later, the object is to find out if he has read the information and if he is interested in your opportunity. If he expresses an interest then you can explain to him what he needs to do to get started.

If on the other hand he is not interested, it maybe that what is putting him off is something that perhaps he does not quite understand, so your response to Bob would be "Could I just ask, what is it that puts you off?" Now Bob can't answer that question with Yes or No, he has to talk to you about what his concerns are. So now you know what his objection is, you can use the Feel, Felt, Found system to allay his fears.

For example lets say Bob responds with "I'm not interested in door to door selling" Your response would be, I know how you feel Bob, when I first looked at Kleeneze I felt the same as you, but what I found was that you don't actually do any selling. All you do is put catalogues through letter boxes and some people will place an order, and some won't. The catalogues do the selling for us, we simply collect orders and deliver products".

It is important also to remember that if Bob ultimately does say No, that it means No, not now, and not No never, it just may be that the time is not right for Bob to join your business, so ask him if you can keep him updated as to how you are doing by means of your auto responder, and Bob may well come on board at a future date. Also please remember to ask for referrals, most people will know someone who could do with some extra cash, and if you don't ask they may well join the business via another distributor, your loss, their gain.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

This Young Guy Earns £2500 Per Month

Daniel Davies

I find that the main thing that puts people off joining Kleeneze is the start up investment, but like with any business before you can trade, you need to buy tools.  I had a previous business as a car valeter and took out a loan to buy everything I needed, which altogether came to £4500! I put everything into making it work but found that I was losing more and more money every day. There wasn't enough money to pay my loan repayments and I ended up in a lot of debt and knew I'd have to get a job. The only problem was I didn't want to work for anyone else after being self employed.

Then one day I spotted an advert in the paper to earn an extra income, replied to it and got an info pack on Kleeneze. I'd never heard of Kleeneze before but liked what I saw and got started with 200 catalogues for less than
£150!! At the end of my first month I earned £279.

In the early days I didn't see the big picture and just saw it as a way of making a little extra money to help pay off my debts, but after going along to a few meetings and mixing with other Kleeneze people, I started to see that there was more to it.

Eventually I gave up the valeting business and concentrated on Kleeneze full time, and since then the money has gone up and up. In July this year, with the help and support
of a fantastic team - upline, downline and crossline, I reached the level of Gold Distributor. Just for holding that level for 3 months,
Kleeneze have rewarded me with a 5 star, all expenses paid trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong! Not only have that but my last 3 cheques come to over £8500! Not bad considering I'm only 24 years old! :)

Below is my cheque for September of this year. It just goes to show that with some effort and determination, Kleeneze can definitely change your life!

PAY: MR D DAVIES__________

Hundred Thousands
Ten Thousands








Jamie Stewart
Managing Director


Friday, 1 April 2011

Commitment + Time = Success

What do I mean by this equation? Quite simply, if you truly believe you can make a success of your network marketing business, and set goals, and put plans in place and work hard to achieve them, and never ever quit then in time success will be yours.

You have to remember that it is not a race. We all progress at different speeds, some have to work a little harder on their personal development than others, some will grasp the numbers game quicker than others. If you look upon it as a race, you may well end up being the loser instead of the winner, so just give it time.

Have a listen to this audio of Rob Forster one of Kleeneze's top earners talking about just this subject: Give It Time.

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