Monday, 4 April 2011

Would You Like A Pay Rise This Week?

Now that might seem like a silly question, who wouldn't like a pay rise? The way things are at the moment with the price of petrol going through the roof, the increase in vat, the cost of your weekly food shopping increasing every week, and what with all the cut backs announced in the Budget, we could all do with a pay rise!

However in reality if every employed person in the UK went to their boss this week and asked for a pay rise, I wonder how many of us would actually get one? I reckon it wouldn't be many. Perhaps we should all give it a try and see what response we get.

Personally if I want a pay rise this week or any other week I can have one, all I need to do is put more catalogues out and I will earn more money. Simple! Just an extra 250 catalogues distributed & collected this week which will take me around six hours or less to do will earn me an extra £50 or so. If I want more I simply need to do more.

So, go on, ask your boss today if you can have an extra £50 in your pay packet this week! Or come and join us in Kleeneze and we will show you how to earn an extra £50+ each and every week that you want to.

For details about how to get started please email us at or visit and leave your details on the Contact Us page.

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