Sunday, 3 April 2011


One way to sponsor people into your network marketing business is to simply talk to everyone you meet as you go about your daily business. There is a method we use which is called the Third Party Approach. By this we mean for example that if you were talking to someone you know you wouldn't ask them directly if they would be interested in earning an extra income. Because even if they could use some extra money they perhaps would be embarrassed at admitting to it and would probably tell you that they are not interested.

Instead what you would do is ask a question along these lines, "Bob, I am looking to help people who could do with earning an extra income, would you happen to know anyone who might be interested". 

The important point to note is the word Anyone, this makes it a third party approach, and as you are not directly asking Bob if he would like to earn an extra income, his most likely answer is "Doing what?" or "What is it?" Because the person he knows who could do with some extra cash right now is Himself, and he has just asked for some information.

So your response to this would be along the lines of, "I tell you what I'll do Bob, I'm running late for a meeting so let me have your details (address & phone number) and I will send you some information. (You could also ask for an email address if you prefer to send information that way).

It's very important that you send Bob an information pack asap, and then follow up with him by phone a couple of days later, to see if he is interested.

When you call him a couple of days later, the object is to find out if he has read the information and if he is interested in your opportunity. If he expresses an interest then you can explain to him what he needs to do to get started.

If on the other hand he is not interested, it maybe that what is putting him off is something that perhaps he does not quite understand, so your response to Bob would be "Could I just ask, what is it that puts you off?" Now Bob can't answer that question with Yes or No, he has to talk to you about what his concerns are. So now you know what his objection is, you can use the Feel, Felt, Found system to allay his fears.

For example lets say Bob responds with "I'm not interested in door to door selling" Your response would be, I know how you feel Bob, when I first looked at Kleeneze I felt the same as you, but what I found was that you don't actually do any selling. All you do is put catalogues through letter boxes and some people will place an order, and some won't. The catalogues do the selling for us, we simply collect orders and deliver products".

It is important also to remember that if Bob ultimately does say No, that it means No, not now, and not No never, it just may be that the time is not right for Bob to join your business, so ask him if you can keep him updated as to how you are doing by means of your auto responder, and Bob may well come on board at a future date. Also please remember to ask for referrals, most people will know someone who could do with some extra cash, and if you don't ask they may well join the business via another distributor, your loss, their gain.

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