Thursday, 28 April 2011

This Is How To Make A Fanastic Income From Kleeneze

If you are in the position right now of having no money and no job you could make a fantastic income by retailing full time with Kleeneze, just have a read of this story about a guy who earned over £3000 in the first month that he retailed full time, and who then had to start from scratch again when he moved to Guernsey three years later and earned over £2200 in his first month.

Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman

After being laid off from work as a bathroom fitter in June 2006, I decided to go full-time with Kleeneze. My income went from £222 to £3,042 in my first 4 weeks full-time which works out at £20+ per hour.

In 2009 I moved 450 miles away to Guernsey to be with my new partner and had to rebuild my customer base again. I needed a full-time income instantly.

I`d been in this position before, so I knew what to do. I put my books out, left them for 48 hours, then collected them back in. I do this Monday to Friday every week.

The income this gives me, means I don`t have to work for a Boss and the Time Freedom and Flexible Hours means I do what I want when I want.

I am also concentrating on the team building side of the business, as we will be in New York with Kleeneze in Nov 2011. This business is fantastic, where else could you earn this type of money, just for putting out some catalogues and building your own future.

If you get a burning desire to achieve something, then nothing gets in your way. Decide what you want from your Kleeneze business and work hard, it’s so worth it.

If he can do it, anyone can, Paul by his own admission is not a special person, he just applies a special effort. If you would like to get started with Kleeneze we will be more than happy to show you what you need to do, so please just leave your details on our web page via this link and we will be in touch.

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