Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kleeneze v A Job - Pro's & Con's

If you are working in the traditional job world for a Boss, you are on what is known as the 45 year plan. You are trading your time for a linear income which for the average person will be about £25k per year, and you have to work a year to get it. Once you have paid income tax, national insurance etc you get what is left which is about £18k per year which is less than £400 per week. So on the 45 year plan you will typically have earned (at £18k per year) just over £800,000 in your working lifetime and then you have to retire at age 65 and most likely have nothing to show for it. I heard a saying once that backs this up: 95% of people at age 65 are either dead or dead broke.

So the 45 year plan (A Job) has rewarded you over the years with 4 - 6 weeks holiday each year, a gold watch when you retire? if you are lucky, and a state pension of £97.65 per week. A fair exchange for 45 years of your life? I don't think so!

Now compare what Kleeneze can give you if you are prepared to get stuck in for 3 - 5 years. The hardest work is in the first 2 - 3 years when you are building your team. Sponsoring people into your business and showing them how to earn an income by retailing & team building leverages your time and in time you will create a residual income. It is not unusual for a distributor who has worked at the business for 5 years and built a team to be earning a four weekly income of £2000+ and there are examples of people earning £5000 every four weeks and substantially more. Take for example this article that appeared in the Surrey Advertiser about a lady who earns over £120,000  a year.

Please visit for more details on becoming a Kleeneze distributor.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

If Someone Asks Can You Make Any Money In This Business?

The answer is "How much do you want"

First off you need to create your retail story, we recommend that you aim to retail £250 per week which will give you a profit of £52.50 and a total four week period income of £275.

Then you can share your story with your family, friends, neighbours, work mates, tell them what you are doing and how you have earned a cracking second income simply by putting out some catalogues. You can also mention to your customers about how well you are doing, how much money you are making, and ask them if they know anyone who might be interested. If you feel confident doing so you can also bring it up in conversation with anyone you come into contact with on a daily basis.

We have lots of other methods of spreading the word that we call fishpond activities, such as business cards, flyers, shop ads, hot pockets, posters, newspaper ads, internet advertising etc which we will aim to cover in future blog posts.

When someone joins your business you need to show them how to make money, show them how to retail to a level that will create the initial weekly income they desire and which will create their own retail story. Most people join Kleeneze for £50 a week extra, and we know that is very easy to achieve by following the system.Then you explain to them the benefits of sharing their story and building a team. All you are doing is simply duplicating what your sponsor has shown you. If you do this consistently and persistently, get your team to duplicate you, attend opportunity meetings, sizzles, company events etc you will create a growth explosion in your business, and given time a residual income.

I heard a story at a meeting some time ago about a guy from Ireland who joined the business in 2003 and earned £525 in his first four weeks. At the end of his first year his cheque had grown to £1700 and four years later he was earning £5000. He took four weeks off to get married, and still earned £4100 in that four week period. That is the power of a residual income.

Contact us via and we will show you how this business can work for you.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This Guy Joined For FREE - Take A Look At His Income Cheque !!

Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans

My name is Stephen Evans from Llanelli. I joined on the Break Free option on 21/01/2011. I have been in various door to door sales businesses for the last 10 years after starting my working life as a roofer. I first met my up line Vic and Una Brown 2 years ago whilst calling on them to offer home energy saving grants.

I have done well in various sales companies including being top performer with accident claims but the previous product was frozen gourmet food and despite big promises from my boss I was just not making ends meet despite being one of the top sellers.

My derisory £40 monthly diesel allowance meant I was putting most of my earnings into the fuel tank as I covered a wide area in South Wales seeking fresh customers as the re order rates were quite low. Sales had been slowing down as there was less money about for luxury food and the cold weather period hit me hard.

I got back in touch with Vic and Una just before Christmas as I knew they were doing very well in Kleeneze. I had a frustrated boss who would rant and rave despite my long hours and efforts. After some deliberation I decided to walk away from the food sales, literally, as I had to hand back the van, and get stuck into Kleeneze full-time. I was passed another 120 or so second hand catalogues when another local lady finished as her husband went back to work.

I went out on foot presenting them with a one day turnaround. It took a little while to get into a system and really follow the advice I was being given for although I was very confident dealing with customers I knew nothing about the Kleeneze business.

I heard of one couple on the Ezereach messaging who joined on Break Free and achieved over £1800 of sales in their first full period and I rose to the challenge of beating that.

I surpassed my goal and did £2247 and with a few team members, one who approached me on my first few days out and about, I hit the 15% level.

I was impressed how easy it is to get orders with Kleeneze so I could focus on rapport with customers. I sold over £350 worth without really looking in the catalogues to see what was there! I also had a goal to lose some weight and taking my trolley to a steep area called Swiss Valley began to help me out with that!

I have had some great times in Sales as well as some lows but never found something that could deliver a solid residual income with committed hard work. My first bonus cheque is not enormous but has enabled me to at least pay the rent and a few other bills and I aim to build on this now by growing a strong team and approaching my large warm list, many of whom are in sales and many are beginning to struggle.

I do suffer with a form of dyslexia making ordering and sorting deliveries a lot slower than for most people but have found the personal support of Vic, Una and Hannah second to none and was really pleased to have been able to help Hannah hit the Gold level in period 3. They even helped drive me around to speed up my deliveries in the areas further away and gave me another trolley when my wheel fell off in Swiss Valley.

I realize that Kleeneze will take time to build to the top level of income I am seeking but I am willing to do whatever it takes over the next 5 years to get there. I also have my eyes firmly set on the trip to New York and a Mini Cooper.

I hope I am not the only Break Free to be there in NYC and look forward to laughing with others over the initial hiccups I made on the road to success.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Average UK Take Home Pay Has Fallen By £21 Per Week In Two Years

A report by BBC Panorama shows how average real take home pay is less now than it was in 2004, that is staggering but not unsurprising considering the state of the economy.

What you also have to consider is that it seems like it will get a lot worse before things start to improve, meaning that the money you have to spend will not go as far in the months to come.

Is now the time to take your head out of the sand and do something to improve your situation ?

Is now the time you considered how you could earn some extra cash rather than taking more credit ?

Is now the time to consider a change of direction before your direction is changed for you and you are made redundant ?

Or are you going to do nothing and think that it won't happen to you!!

We made that decision over five years ago, we did something about it, and have not looked back since!! We can show you how to improve your situation, we can show you how to earn £50+ per week in your SPARE time, if you will only let us!!

For more information please visit

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Yet Another Kleeneze Success Story!

Steve Jessop

Steve Jessop

My name is Steve Jessop

I have been running my Kleeneze business for 8 months. I am simply following the same system that every other successful Kleeneze distributor has done before me. So I know no matter what, I am going to be successful.

I honestly cannot wait to get up in the mornings to go to work on my dreams.

I have learned how to develop positive philosophies through personal development to achieve an entrepreneurial attitude. Consistent effort and duplication over a long enough period of time is the key to success in this industry.

Period 3 this year I finally had everything in place to start team building, and I am excited about the opportunity to help people to earn these fantastic part-time incomes and build a better future for themselves. I am amazed by the amount of people that cannot see the amazing opportunity we have, but I take solace in that, the people that can are out there waiting.

I have learned the power of goals; having clearly defined, worthy and challenging goals creates focus, energy and passion. Then create a plan to achieve those goals, and go to work on that plan. So I can spend my time wisely in the present and have a clear mental picture of where I am going to be in the future.

Oh yeah………I’ve earned £4000 in 8 months part-time!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

I Just Love These Success Stories!

There are literally thousands of success testimonials circulating around the network because Kleeneze is a business that makes people money, and we are proud to show our income cheques, because we are proud of the business we are involved in. Conversely some other work from home opportunities don't shout it from the roof tops, I wonder why? Here is another success story:

Caroline Lockwood

I started my working life as a nurse and midwife, ending up a few years ago working nights in an old people’s home to fit around my family. 

Seeking a change, I trained as a junior school teacher, but took my first job in an inner city school and found the hours required, and lack of support, too much, so left at the Easter.

For the last 31/2 years I have worked as a teaching assistant, but had my hours cut last September to 2 days a week, so completed a return to nursing course. But with a hospital ban on recruitment, I found myself this February, a single parent with 3 teenagers, working only 2 days a week, with some agency nursing shifts, and working in a pub to not quite make ends meet.

Several years ago I had been involved with Kleeneze but life had got in the way, so I had left. So, finding myself in need of an extra income, I contacted my previous sponsors, Amanda and Andy Holland, and rejoined.

I wanted to prove to myself again that this business really works, so I went out of my door, turned left, and started putting out catalogues. By the end of my first 4 week period, I had retailed about £1600 worth of orders, earned £492, and had received 2 free boxes of catalogues from the company.

No, I didn’t have lots of spare time, but can make this business fit into the small gaps in the day, and I can now see myself making a substantial income from this wonderful business, and helping other people to find a way to change their lives too.

 If you would like to earn yourself an extra income and have yourself an income cheque that you can proudly show to people then please contact us via this link

Friday, 25 March 2011

Another Fantastic Kleeneze Testimonial

Linda and Alan Cannings

Linda and Alan Cannings

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 8 years ago.  At the time I had a very good job as a Secretary but after several long spells of illness, I lost my job.

I joined Kleeneze about five years ago, not knowing much about the Company or even had any interest. I actually joined as I had to find some way of regular exercise for the medical condition that I have.

My cheques each month now are regularly between £1100 and £1600 per month, which isn’t bad for something that was just supposed to give me regular exercise. 

I have also now taken on a new task of sponsoring people into the business and I hope that my story will give people the encouragement to join this fantastic business.  I still only work the business part-time.

I have recently recruited 12 local distributors and all are doing fantastically well. My aim is to grow the business and help my team do well in theirs.

I have bought a Smart Car as I am very serious about this business. I am  hoping this will bring me more customers and of course more distributors.

I qualified for the Kleeneze conference in Hong Kong last November.  This was an all expenses paid trip, Five Star all the way.   I can teach you what I have learned and you could qualify for New York in November this year.  It is achievable by any distributor.

I hope our story will inspire people to join this business and achieve the success that I have had.

For details on how you can get started as a Kleeneze distributor please click on the Sack Your Boss link at the top of the blog or click here

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blimey... this country is in a mess!

These two articles published in the last couple of days show just how hard it is to get by in the UK at the moment. I know times are tough but it shocked me to discover that a third of kids aged between 11 and 16 know someone who has lost their job.
I was also staggered to read the story of the young mum who despite doing most of her weekly shop in the "reduced" section had found that the price of her weekly shop has doubled in a year, and she is considering getting an allotment to grow her own veg.

You can read the full articles via the links below:

Young mums weekly food shop

11 - 16 year olds survey

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kleeneze Changes Lives - Read This Story!!!

Del Gisby

Del Gisby

As I am Registered as Disabled and was relying on Disability Living 
Allowance as my only source of income, imagine my utter shock when 
this 'New' Government came into power and in their 'wisdom' decided 
to withdraw Disability Living Allowance for everyone who's prognosis 
was Terminal but who would live longer than 6 months!

So suddenly after 17 years i was left with Nothing and no way to pay 
the bills etc.

As I had shopped with Kleeneze over the years I was extremely pleased 
when, after having moved up north from the sussex coast, one day a 
catalogue landed on my doormat. On picking it up I noticed the front 
cover advertising the Kleeneze Business Opportunity so filled out my details.

Two GOLD distributors came to see me and as I was still a bit wary did 
not sign up immediately and went off to investigate it online. After reading 
some very positive stories and experiences people had had on signing up 
with Kleeneze, I decided to 'go for it'.

Let me tell you it was the BEST DECISION I have ever made ( apart from 
having my son that is !)

I had the same worries as most new starters in that I was worried about 
loosing my books and worried if I didn't get any orders. Ha !  Nothing could 
be further from the reality and so now 5 months later (yes that's all)  I am 
a SILVER DISTRIBUTOR and TEAM LEADER ,and have sponsored THREE  
other people.


Also my Mobility is nearly back to normal and the Bonus is I have lost 
OVER 3 STONE in weight and am now  fitter  than I have been in a long time .

I knew when I moved up North last APRIL that it was a Great idea , but I 
had no Clue that it would be the begining of my complete Change Of Life.

So would I recommend the Kleeneze Business Opportunity to anyone else?


THANK YOU KLEENEZE , you have given me my life back.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Who Owns Your Life ?

The vast majority of the working age population of the UK would have to answer that question "Not Me". Simple fact is that anyone who is employed by a boss cannot say that they own their own life, because for at least 35% of their waking hours someone else(the boss) decides what you are doing. He decides what time you start work and what time you finish, he also decides how much you will earn in exchange for your time, he also decides when you have time off. Enough said!!

Contrast that with the life of a Kleeneze distributor, who because he or she is their own boss, can decide how many hours they work, when they work those hours, which they can fit around any family & social commitments without having to ask a boss for time off. They also decide how much they earn, simply by doing more they can earn more. We know of distributors who work their business, delivering & collecting catalogues 5 part time days per week who earn in excess of £500 per week. Here is one such story:

Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman

Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman

After being laid off from work as a bathroom fitter in June 2006, I decided to go full-time with Kleeneze. My income went from £222 to £3,042 in my first 4 weeks full-time which works out at £20+ per hour.

In 2009 I moved 450 miles away to Guernsey to be with my new partner and had to rebuild my customer base again. I needed a full-time income instantly.

I`d been in this position before, so I knew what to do. I put my books out, left them for 48 hours, then collected them back in. I do this Monday to Friday every week.

The income this gives me, means I don`t have to work for a Boss and the Time Freedom and Flexible Hours means I do what I want when I want.

I am also concentrating on the team building side of the business, as we will be in New York with Kleeneze in Nov 2011. This business is fantastic, where else could you earn this type of money, just for putting out some catalogues and building your own future.

If you get a burning desire to achieve something, then nothing gets in your way. Decide what you want from your Kleeneze business and work hard, it’s so worth it.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Another Fantastic Kleeneze Success Story

Tanya and Chris Howson

Tanya and Chris Howson

We joined Kleeneze in the middle of May 2008, Chris was working full-time for a structural engineering firm and worked a 50 to 55 hr week.

I work part-time as a nursery nurse since having our two children, Luke who is 12 and Alyssa who is 6. We have always retailed consistently and done activity where we could around our job commitments.

Then at the end of Febuary, Chris had an accident at work the 2nd in 12mths, which was a very frightening time for us all as a family. We knew then we had to make some life changing decisions.

So when Chris came out of hospital, we continued to retail as we needed to cover our income, then we asked our sponsors Sylvia & Gary, Dave & Angie for their help to put a plan in place to enable Chris to ‘sack the boss’.

Chris started to work the plan of presenting catalogues to gain a bigger customer base, with amazing results, our retail had more than doubled, and the best thing of all was seeing what time freedom it was giving us as a family. So after 3 weeks we knew that this was it, we had hit our 18% target, that we had oringally set in our plan.

So we knew this was our future, Chris was going to work Kleeneze full-time and he ‘Sack the Boss’. Chris has worked his notice, and we are now looking forward to our freedom and future with our Kleeneze business.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Be Prepared To Fail

Anyone who has ever succeeded at anything will have failed possibly many many times before they became successful. Just think about James Dyson who invented bagless technology for vacuum cleaners, he made something like 5000 prototypes before he perfected the idea and was rejected by Hoover. The actor Bruce Willis, a bar tender in New York in 1978, failed auditions for 8 years before he got a part in Moonlighting in 1986. J K Rowling submitted the manuscript for her first Harry Potter novel to 12 publishing houses who all rejected it. The 13th accepted it and gave her an advance of £1500 and printed an initial run of just 1000 copies. These stories are typical of successful people all over the world in many different fields.........Kleeneze distributors are no different. 

When we retail (deliver & collect catalogues) we fail massively because we do not pick up orders from the majority of the houses, (the national average is about 1 in 10)

When we talk to prospects and show them the business we fail massively ...... an experienced distributor on average will fail 9 times out of 10, we usually need to speak to ten people to sponsor one.

So don't be afraid to fail, its just a natural part of the process,the more you fail the more successful you will become. At the end of the day its just a numbers game, if you show the catalogues to enough people some will order from you, if you show the business to enough people some will want to join you.

Here is just one example of a Kleeneze distributor who has failed:

John Hawkes Kleeneze Story

John Hawkes Kleeneze Story

We joined Kleeneze in early 1993 at the age of 58. Our need at the time was an extra £1000 per month.

 Jeanette was not impressed with the idea of what seems on the surface to be a non-glamorous occupation. John however was clear in his mind that providing people purchased product from the catalogues, then the system MUST work.

We proved that the product sold in quantity within the first week. This was enough to set our minds racing. Retirement was approaching fast and we had not sufficient savings or pension plans to enjoy our later years.

With this in mind we decided to plan long term as we could see the big picture. It was exciting.

Our plan was to build one new Gold group every year until we reached SED level which we knew would pay us around £5,000 per month. In the event, in the seven years to our “official” retirement age we had helped 7 people to the gold level, and our annual income was over £100,000.

How did we do this? We decided to give every waking moment to activity and to learn the business inside out so that we were in a position to coach others.

All our early activity was funded by retailing the product. Results of putting out catalogues are entirely predictable, so plans can be made to fund whatever activity is required.

So what do we do now? We now reap the benefits of royalty income which is what network marketing is designed to do. However, far from vegetating by doing nothing, we maintain a healthy support system for our distributors, train, coach and encourage those seeking to improve their position.

We do this by working when we choose and with whom we choose. We are responsible to no-one but ourselves, but at the same time we promote the Kleeneze company as being the only network marketing organisation in the world (so far as we know) where a new starter can earn from day one and be in an overall profit situation within the first month.

The investment of our time in the early days is the best thing we have ever done and with consistent results. Our average gross income for the last 7 years is £159,000 per annum.

You need some of this!

Total income over the last 7 years is £1,113,000 nowhere else except Kleeneze can you get a pension like that.

Click here to email us to find out how you can get started.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Are You On An Upward Curve Or A Downward Curve ?

One thing is certain, it is highly unlikely that your business will be standing still, it will be on one of two paths, either upwards or downwards.

If you are prepared to do the simple daily disciplines repeatedly, they will compound over time  and put your business very much on an upward curve. Conversely, if you make the simple error of not doing what is needed today, tomorrow, next week, then you will put your business firmly on a downward curve.

We live in a society of Instant Gratification, people today are not prepared to wait for anything, they want it now, today, hence all the buy now pay later deals on almost any commodity you want to buy. They suck you in with the offer and then you spend the next 5 years paying for it. What we as network marketers understand is the philosophy of Delayed Gratification, success happens over time not overnight. So be prepared to follow the Slight Edge philosophy, and do those simple daily disciplines each and every day, and keep your business on an upward curve.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rob Forster Talking About His Goals

In this video recorded by Gavin Scott, Rob talks about the lifestyle that Kleeneze has given him over his many years in the business.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Network Marketing - The Business Of The 21st Century

In this short video Robert Kiyosaki explains why network marketing is the business of the 21st century.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

You Just Have To Give It Time

One of the keys to building a successful business with Kleeneze is to give it time. As long as you are consistent and persistent with your efforts, follow the system that your sponsor teaches you, don't deviate from it, then in time success will be yours.

You have to be patient as it will not be an overnight success, and you must never quit. Don't expect giant leaps forward when you first get started, just take one small step at a time, and only take the next step when you are ready. You can compare the steps on your journey to the stages that a child goes through whilst it is learning to walk. They don't suddenly jump up and start running before they have first learned to crawl. It will be the same with your Kleeneze journey.

It makes sense to set yourself some targets, eg how many catalogues to put out each week, how many cards and flyers each week, etc etc (your sponsor will help you with this) and then once the plan is in place to follow it for 90 days. It is also important to record  the actual numbers achieved on a daily basis so that adjustments can be made if needed to keep you on track with the plan. Then when the 90 days are up just see how much your business has progressed !!

One of the leaders in the network Rob Forster has always said "Just give it time." Rob earns around £30000 per month after 17 years in the business, I would be happy with a tenth of that and I know that given time it will happen.

If you would like to join us in Kleeneze please leave your details here and we will contact you.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Fantastic New Product From The Spring Special Catalogue

These pipe pots liven up a dull drainpipe and make the exterior of your house more appealing. Simply fill each pot with an array of flowers. Supplied with strong plastic retaining clips, each pot measures 15 x 29 cm (6 x 11") Suitable for standard 10cm (4") pipes. A fantastic idea at just £7.95 for a set of two.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Difference One Month Can Make

We joined Kleeneze on 27th October 2010 looking to earn an extra few hundred pounds each month while our cleaning business that we had recently started was beginning to grow.
When an internet advert that we responded to asking if we would like to earn more money each month turned out to be Kleeneze we were both very sceptical about whether it would actually work as the business model seemed too simple and too good to be true. A follow up call and excellent meeting with Tracy Sheehan and Glenn Tyler showed us that it could work so we thought we would give it a go to try and make our joining fee back.
We made the joining fee back in two weeks and Kleeneze started to give us some much needed cash flow! When the first cheque came through for £216.92 we were ecstatic, saw that the business really did work and decided that we would make a plan that would push the boundaries and see how far we could go with our cheque in one month.
We put as money catalogues out as we possibly could in 25 days, which was very challenging considering there was two feet of snow outside our front door!  
The results of our 25 day plan were astounding as we received a pay rise of £1,260.08 meaning that our cheque was nearly seven times bigger! You could not achieve this kind of result in a job!
Kleeneze really does work and no one could convince us that it doesn’ t. This business really is the way forward as it rewards you fairly for the effort that you put in, unlike the majority of jobs. 
We now know it’ s only a matter of time until we have a gold business. See you in New York!
Holly and Anthony 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

How Will The Tax & Benefit Changes Affect You ?

All 29 million workers in the UK could be in for a financial shock at the beginning of next month according to a report on the BBC News website.

There are 45 tax and benefit changes coming into effect on April 6th, which on top of the VAT rise in January will mean that some families will be £1000 worse off this year.

We have the answer to your financial concerns; by starting with us as a Kleeneze distributor working with 250 catalogues each week you can expect to earn in the region of £50 per week (based on national averages) which equates to £2600 a year. How much of a difference will an extra £50 a week make to your families life this year ?

To find out more please visit our website, find out how to get started or get your questions answered here

Friday, 11 March 2011

Kleeneze Introductory Video

This short two and a half minute video gives you an introduction to the fantastic Kleeneze opportunity.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recommended Reading For Network Marketing Students

I now have a Book Store, (see link towards top of this page) that contains over 20 books recommended for anyone involved in Network Marketing. I have not personally read all of them, still have about 5 or 6 to get through. If anyone has read the Duncan Bannatyne one I would be interested to hear your feedback.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Are You Willing To Be A Network Marketing Student ?

I'm sorry to have to break the bad news "Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme", you have to give it time, and work at it. You need to treat it like an apprenticeship, as there is some learning to be done. However the good news is that you will earn whilst you learn.

I spoke with a guy recently who was very interested in getting started with us, and he said to me that he would give it 6 months and if he wasn't making £4,000 a month by that time then he would quit! I asked him how long he had been in his job, which turned out to be 7 years. I then asked him if he was earning £4,000 a month from his job, and he admitted that he wasn't. This guy had been in a job for 7 years and hadn't reached his income goal, yet he expected Network Marketing to provide that income for him within 6 months or he would quit !!!

When you become a Network Marketing apprentice with Kleeneze, earning while you learn, you will typically start off with an income of around £200 - £300 per month working in your spare time. The length of the apprenticeship varies with each person, as does the speed at which the income grows. There are many people within the Kleeneze network who are earning £4000+ per month, though the vast majority of them didn't reach this level of income within their first six months, on average it takes 3 - 5 years, but there are no guarantees, they will all have worked extremely hard to achieve this level of income. They will have done so with the help of their sponsor, usually spare or part time whilst still working for a boss.

Many people working a traditional job never attain a £4k per month income, even though they will have given the best of their life to a boss for sometimes many years. So why would you want to continue to work your job if it is not giving you what you want ?

Has the penny dropped ? Can you see how Network Marketing can give you what your job cannot ? Are you willing to be a network marketing student ?

We are continually helping people to get what they want from this fantastic Kleeneze opportunity. If you would like to get started with us please email Steve and start your apprenticeship today.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another Fantastic Money Making Tool

We are about to take delivery of the new Spring Special catalogue, which will earn us even more money over the coming weeks and months. It has 36 pages packed with 170 products for the home and garden this spring, 42% of which are brand new lines including camping and travel products. Why not take a look inside, just click here

Our customers loved this catalogue last year and we had some fantastic orders from it, this year will be even better with all the new products, and all we have to do is show it to our customers, and wait for the orders to come in.
Why not let this superb business tool make some money for you, its really very easy to do,
check out this page on our website to find out just how simple it is to earn an extra income as a Kleeneze distributor. Then take the first step to getting started by leaving your details on our contact page.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Its Time To Break Free And Make The Rest Of Your Life, The Best Of Your Life

If your life today is not what you thought it would be five years ago then you need to change something otherwise in another five years time where will you be ? The past is gone, don't dwell on it because you can't change it, but you can change your future if you really want to.

We can help you to design your future, to make it better than it otherwise would be, you just need to make the decision to accept our help and commit to taking some action.

Make today the day that you decide to Break Free and make sure that the rest of your life is the best of your life. Start your own Kleeneze business completely free of charge and start making an income today. Here's how it works:

When you join as a Break Free distributor you will receive a kit containing five catalogue packs, delivery bags and order forms. Your first goal is to generate £150 of orders in your first 21 days by passing the catalogues around your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues etc. Once you have placed orders for £75 within the first 21 days you will receive an additional five sets of catalogues. When you reach the £150 order level within your first 21 days you will receive a further 25 sets of catalogues to help you build your business further. You will now have earned in the region of £32, be qualified as a Business Builder and will now have 35 sets of catalogues with which to generate more orders.

Here are some of the many success stories from ordinary people who have recently joined as Break Free distributors:

Claire and I joined Kleeneze on 2 February with the Break Free option. Having
worked for 16 years with a local supermarket, my hours were cut down from
36.5 per week to only 16 hours. Claire is a qualified care assistant for the
elderly, and took time out after the birth of our two young daughters, now
aged 5 and 3. However, once my hours were cut, she started to look for work,
but to no avail. Since we joined Kleeneze, Claire and I have made £241.95
worth of sales in one week, giving us a profit of £50. We had five books to
start and, as advised, distributed them to people that we know. We gave the
catalogues to 22 people and had 14 orders from those. We are very excited
about the return and are in the process of speaking to friends and colleagues
about this wonderful opportunity.

Lillian Clarke joined with the Break Free. Within the first week of joining she
had £160 worth of orders. She took her books to everyone she knew - to her
job and family but what we thought was great about Lillian, was that she
thought outside of the box before we even met her. She took a book to her
mum’s retirement home and asked if she could leave the book with them.
Two days later she went back and picked orders up of £100! She will be
dropping there every 4 weeks from now on! The right person WILL do
whatever it takes to succeed.

The Kleeneze opportunity just gets better and better, all new starters now have their own website, and from April the online ordering system will be available to every distributor.

To Break Free and change your life for the better please email your contact details to Steve

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Kleeneze Live Warwick Report

This event in the tradition of Kleeneze was awesome, fantastic trainings from some superb speakers, and some great new announcements from Jamie Stewart.

Jamie Stewart kicked the day off following an introduction from Michael Khatkar, and informed the audience of around 600 that Break Free had more than doubled the number of new starters in the business. He went on to announce that all new starters including Break Free will have their own websites, giving them all a sponsoring tool from day one. Everyone who attended on Saturday will be in the pilot group for the trial of the new ordering website in early April, before a planned late April roll out to the whole network.

Neil Young gave a training about the sponsoring mindset, on how we can change peoples lives, and how we should show the cheques and stories and not get too bogged down with how it works.

Doug Roper's training about Teamwork - Creating the Kleeneze Spirit was fantastic, we should become future changers, care about your people, set them up right, build some independence.

Mike Bibby was off the wall as usual, Ice Ice Baby chants, if that nutter can make a success of Kleeneze then anyone can. No offence Mike you were awesome!! May the rest of your life be the best of your life.

Rob Forster ended the day by telling us his story in his own down to earth way, he kept the audience enthralled for over an hour, showing us a laminated copy of his very first cheque 17 year ago that he still shows to prospects today. One tip I picked up from Rob: no matter how you send information to prospects, always send a hard copy as well, because if you email the information then just the recipient may look at it and delete it, but a hard copy could be left lying around and someone else might just pick it up and be interested.

A recording of this event is now available to watch until Friday 11th March,  just click here

Saturday, 5 March 2011

£900 In The First Four Weeks - This Is How It Was Done!

Michaela and Mike Williams

Michaela and Mike Williams

I joined Kleeneze 6 weeks ago, and have just finished my first full period.  My first month as a Kleeneze distributor has been fantastic!  

I started my Kleeneze business because being a mum of 2, and having one child at school and one a pre-school I wanted to find a way of earning an income around my children. 

The more I looked into trying to find employment, the more I realised that I was virtually unemployable. 

I wanted a job that I could work at from 9.30am to 2.30pm maximum, 3-5 days a week, probably increasing when my other daughter started school in September.  I wanted to have weekends off to spend as family time, and school holidays as I haven’t got cover for those either. 

I also couldn’t work evenings, other than from home as my husband works away a lot.  Even having a business degree didn’t really help as I was over qualified for some part time positions.  The only jobs I could see that might fit with the hours that I needed were in schools, but of course these vacancies were few and far between.

The Kleeneze opportunity fitted all of the criteria that I had for a job like a glove.

So in my first 4 weeks I hit my first fast start bonus and received 50 free catalogues, and have also qualified for my second fast start bonus to receive another 50.  I have retailed by myself £2062 in my first 4 weeks and have generated over 100 customers, in addition to the 19 orders I received from family and friends.

I have also spoken to a large number of my family and friends about the Kleeneze opportunity and in my first 2 weeks sponsored 3 distributors into my team.  We enjoyed our first team training sizzle at my home and am already enjoying the social side of kleeneze.  

Two of my team have already qualified for their first fast start bonuses too, so are off to a fantastic start.

I hit the 18% volume profit margin in my first full period, and my first cheque was over £900!

In terms of being successful in Kleeneze I can see already that attending the events and training sessions available to learn as much as possible and to keep motivation high is crucial. 

Also keeping in regular touch with your upline is a must, just to talk about progress, how things work, and again to keep the motivation going.  I have also started to read some of the suggested material and listen to CD’s in the car when driving – sooo motivational.

Also I have started my team building in earnest, and have spent some time flyering a local area.  From 400 flyers, I generated 4 enquiries and with the help of my upline, I have 3 meetings booked.  I have also started my own website, and have started other types of lead generation, and have already had a number of enquiries that I am now following up on my own. 

I am looking forward to working to progress my Kleeneze Business, and am aiming high and am hoping to attend the New York Conference in November – Fingers Crossed!  There is lots of hard work to do before then so we shall see!

Finally just a quick note to thank my upline John Webb & Kath Price for all of the help that they have given me over the last few weeks, and to thank them in advance and apologise for all of the help I am going to be asking for over the coming months in order to get to Gold and progress up through the Sales Plan! 

Friday, 4 March 2011

What Will You Be Doing On Saturday ?

The weekend is almost here again, how will you be spending your free time ? Yes your FREE time, time that your boss has allowed you to be away from work!! You only have this free time to do whatever you wish because your boss does not require you to be at work!! Hang on, isn't there something wrong here ? Shouldn't you be allowed to decide when you have your free time and when you go to work ? Why do you allow your boss to make your decisions for you ? After all its your life..... isn't it ?

So your boss has granted you some free time, will you use it wisely or will you just fritter it away sat in front of the television ? or playing games on the computer or x box ?

Why don't you invest your free time in your future and be our guest at the Kleeneze Live Roadshow event near Warwick on Saturday from noon until 4. You will have the opportunity to meet and chat with other existing distributors who will happily tell you their experience of the business and how it has changed their lives. You will also be able to listen to some of the top earners in the business giving advice on what you need to do to replicate their success. And this will not cost you a single penny, just some of your FREE time !! And you will be given the opportunity to earn £50 cashback if you decide to join the business.

So. you have decided that you would like to attend the event, then please email us with your telephone number at before 10pm this evening and we will contact you to make the arrangements.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

There is no need to keep struggling on.... there is an answer !!

Yet more pressure on poor joe public, the price of petrol has hit a new high and is set to continue to rise, see the report below.

The price of unleaded petrol has hit a new record average of 130p per litre, according to industry analysts Experian Catalist.
Oil prices have risen about 10% in the past month due to the uprising in Libya, a major oil exporter.
That has also led tour operator Thomas Cook to introduce a new fuel surcharge to the cost of its holidays.
For short-haul flights the extra levy is £15 per holiday, rising to £40 for long-haul.

The average price of petrol has risen by nearly 6 pence per litre since the end of last year. It has increased due to rises in VAT, fuel duty and the wholesale price of oil.
Experian Catalist said the price of unleaded petrol had risen sharply over the last few days, increasing by 0.8 pence since Thursday.
The average price of diesel has also risen, and is now at 135.44p per litre.
The RAC Foundation, which also monitors prices, predicted that the price of unleaded petrol would continue to rise for some time.
"It would be no surprise if prices increase by another 8p a litre in the near future," said RAC motoring strategist, Adrian Tink.
"This kind of rise will seriously impact on people's car use, many of whom having no other option but to travel by car.
"These escalating prices are hitting family budgets hard at a difficult economic time," he added. 

If you are finding it tough to manage your bills at the moment, then you could do no worse then help yourself to an extra £50+ per week for a few spare time hours, delivering and collecting Kleeneze catalogues. We can show you how.... visit our website for information.... and leave your details on the Contact Us page.