Sunday, 20 March 2011

Be Prepared To Fail

Anyone who has ever succeeded at anything will have failed possibly many many times before they became successful. Just think about James Dyson who invented bagless technology for vacuum cleaners, he made something like 5000 prototypes before he perfected the idea and was rejected by Hoover. The actor Bruce Willis, a bar tender in New York in 1978, failed auditions for 8 years before he got a part in Moonlighting in 1986. J K Rowling submitted the manuscript for her first Harry Potter novel to 12 publishing houses who all rejected it. The 13th accepted it and gave her an advance of £1500 and printed an initial run of just 1000 copies. These stories are typical of successful people all over the world in many different fields.........Kleeneze distributors are no different. 

When we retail (deliver & collect catalogues) we fail massively because we do not pick up orders from the majority of the houses, (the national average is about 1 in 10)

When we talk to prospects and show them the business we fail massively ...... an experienced distributor on average will fail 9 times out of 10, we usually need to speak to ten people to sponsor one.

So don't be afraid to fail, its just a natural part of the process,the more you fail the more successful you will become. At the end of the day its just a numbers game, if you show the catalogues to enough people some will order from you, if you show the business to enough people some will want to join you.

Here is just one example of a Kleeneze distributor who has failed:

John Hawkes Kleeneze Story

John Hawkes Kleeneze Story

We joined Kleeneze in early 1993 at the age of 58. Our need at the time was an extra £1000 per month.

 Jeanette was not impressed with the idea of what seems on the surface to be a non-glamorous occupation. John however was clear in his mind that providing people purchased product from the catalogues, then the system MUST work.

We proved that the product sold in quantity within the first week. This was enough to set our minds racing. Retirement was approaching fast and we had not sufficient savings or pension plans to enjoy our later years.

With this in mind we decided to plan long term as we could see the big picture. It was exciting.

Our plan was to build one new Gold group every year until we reached SED level which we knew would pay us around £5,000 per month. In the event, in the seven years to our “official” retirement age we had helped 7 people to the gold level, and our annual income was over £100,000.

How did we do this? We decided to give every waking moment to activity and to learn the business inside out so that we were in a position to coach others.

All our early activity was funded by retailing the product. Results of putting out catalogues are entirely predictable, so plans can be made to fund whatever activity is required.

So what do we do now? We now reap the benefits of royalty income which is what network marketing is designed to do. However, far from vegetating by doing nothing, we maintain a healthy support system for our distributors, train, coach and encourage those seeking to improve their position.

We do this by working when we choose and with whom we choose. We are responsible to no-one but ourselves, but at the same time we promote the Kleeneze company as being the only network marketing organisation in the world (so far as we know) where a new starter can earn from day one and be in an overall profit situation within the first month.

The investment of our time in the early days is the best thing we have ever done and with consistent results. Our average gross income for the last 7 years is £159,000 per annum.

You need some of this!

Total income over the last 7 years is £1,113,000 nowhere else except Kleeneze can you get a pension like that.

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