Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Difference One Month Can Make

We joined Kleeneze on 27th October 2010 looking to earn an extra few hundred pounds each month while our cleaning business that we had recently started was beginning to grow.
When an internet advert that we responded to asking if we would like to earn more money each month turned out to be Kleeneze we were both very sceptical about whether it would actually work as the business model seemed too simple and too good to be true. A follow up call and excellent meeting with Tracy Sheehan and Glenn Tyler showed us that it could work so we thought we would give it a go to try and make our joining fee back.
We made the joining fee back in two weeks and Kleeneze started to give us some much needed cash flow! When the first cheque came through for £216.92 we were ecstatic, saw that the business really did work and decided that we would make a plan that would push the boundaries and see how far we could go with our cheque in one month.
We put as money catalogues out as we possibly could in 25 days, which was very challenging considering there was two feet of snow outside our front door!  
The results of our 25 day plan were astounding as we received a pay rise of £1,260.08 meaning that our cheque was nearly seven times bigger! You could not achieve this kind of result in a job!
Kleeneze really does work and no one could convince us that it doesn’ t. This business really is the way forward as it rewards you fairly for the effort that you put in, unlike the majority of jobs. 
We now know it’ s only a matter of time until we have a gold business. See you in New York!
Holly and Anthony 

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