Sunday, 6 March 2011

Kleeneze Live Warwick Report

This event in the tradition of Kleeneze was awesome, fantastic trainings from some superb speakers, and some great new announcements from Jamie Stewart.

Jamie Stewart kicked the day off following an introduction from Michael Khatkar, and informed the audience of around 600 that Break Free had more than doubled the number of new starters in the business. He went on to announce that all new starters including Break Free will have their own websites, giving them all a sponsoring tool from day one. Everyone who attended on Saturday will be in the pilot group for the trial of the new ordering website in early April, before a planned late April roll out to the whole network.

Neil Young gave a training about the sponsoring mindset, on how we can change peoples lives, and how we should show the cheques and stories and not get too bogged down with how it works.

Doug Roper's training about Teamwork - Creating the Kleeneze Spirit was fantastic, we should become future changers, care about your people, set them up right, build some independence.

Mike Bibby was off the wall as usual, Ice Ice Baby chants, if that nutter can make a success of Kleeneze then anyone can. No offence Mike you were awesome!! May the rest of your life be the best of your life.

Rob Forster ended the day by telling us his story in his own down to earth way, he kept the audience enthralled for over an hour, showing us a laminated copy of his very first cheque 17 year ago that he still shows to prospects today. One tip I picked up from Rob: no matter how you send information to prospects, always send a hard copy as well, because if you email the information then just the recipient may look at it and delete it, but a hard copy could be left lying around and someone else might just pick it up and be interested.

A recording of this event is now available to watch until Friday 11th March,  just click here

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