Wednesday, 30 March 2011

If Someone Asks Can You Make Any Money In This Business?

The answer is "How much do you want"

First off you need to create your retail story, we recommend that you aim to retail £250 per week which will give you a profit of £52.50 and a total four week period income of £275.

Then you can share your story with your family, friends, neighbours, work mates, tell them what you are doing and how you have earned a cracking second income simply by putting out some catalogues. You can also mention to your customers about how well you are doing, how much money you are making, and ask them if they know anyone who might be interested. If you feel confident doing so you can also bring it up in conversation with anyone you come into contact with on a daily basis.

We have lots of other methods of spreading the word that we call fishpond activities, such as business cards, flyers, shop ads, hot pockets, posters, newspaper ads, internet advertising etc which we will aim to cover in future blog posts.

When someone joins your business you need to show them how to make money, show them how to retail to a level that will create the initial weekly income they desire and which will create their own retail story. Most people join Kleeneze for £50 a week extra, and we know that is very easy to achieve by following the system.Then you explain to them the benefits of sharing their story and building a team. All you are doing is simply duplicating what your sponsor has shown you. If you do this consistently and persistently, get your team to duplicate you, attend opportunity meetings, sizzles, company events etc you will create a growth explosion in your business, and given time a residual income.

I heard a story at a meeting some time ago about a guy from Ireland who joined the business in 2003 and earned £525 in his first four weeks. At the end of his first year his cheque had grown to £1700 and four years later he was earning £5000. He took four weeks off to get married, and still earned £4100 in that four week period. That is the power of a residual income.

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