Monday, 28 March 2011

Average UK Take Home Pay Has Fallen By £21 Per Week In Two Years

A report by BBC Panorama shows how average real take home pay is less now than it was in 2004, that is staggering but not unsurprising considering the state of the economy.

What you also have to consider is that it seems like it will get a lot worse before things start to improve, meaning that the money you have to spend will not go as far in the months to come.

Is now the time to take your head out of the sand and do something to improve your situation ?

Is now the time you considered how you could earn some extra cash rather than taking more credit ?

Is now the time to consider a change of direction before your direction is changed for you and you are made redundant ?

Or are you going to do nothing and think that it won't happen to you!!

We made that decision over five years ago, we did something about it, and have not looked back since!! We can show you how to improve your situation, we can show you how to earn £50+ per week in your SPARE time, if you will only let us!!

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