Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Are You Willing To Be A Network Marketing Student ?

I'm sorry to have to break the bad news "Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme", you have to give it time, and work at it. You need to treat it like an apprenticeship, as there is some learning to be done. However the good news is that you will earn whilst you learn.

I spoke with a guy recently who was very interested in getting started with us, and he said to me that he would give it 6 months and if he wasn't making £4,000 a month by that time then he would quit! I asked him how long he had been in his job, which turned out to be 7 years. I then asked him if he was earning £4,000 a month from his job, and he admitted that he wasn't. This guy had been in a job for 7 years and hadn't reached his income goal, yet he expected Network Marketing to provide that income for him within 6 months or he would quit !!!

When you become a Network Marketing apprentice with Kleeneze, earning while you learn, you will typically start off with an income of around £200 - £300 per month working in your spare time. The length of the apprenticeship varies with each person, as does the speed at which the income grows. There are many people within the Kleeneze network who are earning £4000+ per month, though the vast majority of them didn't reach this level of income within their first six months, on average it takes 3 - 5 years, but there are no guarantees, they will all have worked extremely hard to achieve this level of income. They will have done so with the help of their sponsor, usually spare or part time whilst still working for a boss.

Many people working a traditional job never attain a £4k per month income, even though they will have given the best of their life to a boss for sometimes many years. So why would you want to continue to work your job if it is not giving you what you want ?

Has the penny dropped ? Can you see how Network Marketing can give you what your job cannot ? Are you willing to be a network marketing student ?

We are continually helping people to get what they want from this fantastic Kleeneze opportunity. If you would like to get started with us please email Steve and start your apprenticeship today.

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