Tuesday, 15 March 2011

You Just Have To Give It Time

One of the keys to building a successful business with Kleeneze is to give it time. As long as you are consistent and persistent with your efforts, follow the system that your sponsor teaches you, don't deviate from it, then in time success will be yours.

You have to be patient as it will not be an overnight success, and you must never quit. Don't expect giant leaps forward when you first get started, just take one small step at a time, and only take the next step when you are ready. You can compare the steps on your journey to the stages that a child goes through whilst it is learning to walk. They don't suddenly jump up and start running before they have first learned to crawl. It will be the same with your Kleeneze journey.

It makes sense to set yourself some targets, eg how many catalogues to put out each week, how many cards and flyers each week, etc etc (your sponsor will help you with this) and then once the plan is in place to follow it for 90 days. It is also important to record  the actual numbers achieved on a daily basis so that adjustments can be made if needed to keep you on track with the plan. Then when the 90 days are up just see how much your business has progressed !!

One of the leaders in the network Rob Forster has always said "Just give it time." Rob earns around £30000 per month after 17 years in the business, I would be happy with a tenth of that and I know that given time it will happen.

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