Sunday, 27 March 2011

Yet Another Kleeneze Success Story!

Steve Jessop

Steve Jessop

My name is Steve Jessop

I have been running my Kleeneze business for 8 months. I am simply following the same system that every other successful Kleeneze distributor has done before me. So I know no matter what, I am going to be successful.

I honestly cannot wait to get up in the mornings to go to work on my dreams.

I have learned how to develop positive philosophies through personal development to achieve an entrepreneurial attitude. Consistent effort and duplication over a long enough period of time is the key to success in this industry.

Period 3 this year I finally had everything in place to start team building, and I am excited about the opportunity to help people to earn these fantastic part-time incomes and build a better future for themselves. I am amazed by the amount of people that cannot see the amazing opportunity we have, but I take solace in that, the people that can are out there waiting.

I have learned the power of goals; having clearly defined, worthy and challenging goals creates focus, energy and passion. Then create a plan to achieve those goals, and go to work on that plan. So I can spend my time wisely in the present and have a clear mental picture of where I am going to be in the future.

Oh yeah………I’ve earned £4000 in 8 months part-time!

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