Saturday, 19 March 2011

Are You On An Upward Curve Or A Downward Curve ?

One thing is certain, it is highly unlikely that your business will be standing still, it will be on one of two paths, either upwards or downwards.

If you are prepared to do the simple daily disciplines repeatedly, they will compound over time  and put your business very much on an upward curve. Conversely, if you make the simple error of not doing what is needed today, tomorrow, next week, then you will put your business firmly on a downward curve.

We live in a society of Instant Gratification, people today are not prepared to wait for anything, they want it now, today, hence all the buy now pay later deals on almost any commodity you want to buy. They suck you in with the offer and then you spend the next 5 years paying for it. What we as network marketers understand is the philosophy of Delayed Gratification, success happens over time not overnight. So be prepared to follow the Slight Edge philosophy, and do those simple daily disciplines each and every day, and keep your business on an upward curve.

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