Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kleeneze Changes Lives - Read This Story!!!

Del Gisby

Del Gisby

As I am Registered as Disabled and was relying on Disability Living 
Allowance as my only source of income, imagine my utter shock when 
this 'New' Government came into power and in their 'wisdom' decided 
to withdraw Disability Living Allowance for everyone who's prognosis 
was Terminal but who would live longer than 6 months!

So suddenly after 17 years i was left with Nothing and no way to pay 
the bills etc.

As I had shopped with Kleeneze over the years I was extremely pleased 
when, after having moved up north from the sussex coast, one day a 
catalogue landed on my doormat. On picking it up I noticed the front 
cover advertising the Kleeneze Business Opportunity so filled out my details.

Two GOLD distributors came to see me and as I was still a bit wary did 
not sign up immediately and went off to investigate it online. After reading 
some very positive stories and experiences people had had on signing up 
with Kleeneze, I decided to 'go for it'.

Let me tell you it was the BEST DECISION I have ever made ( apart from 
having my son that is !)

I had the same worries as most new starters in that I was worried about 
loosing my books and worried if I didn't get any orders. Ha !  Nothing could 
be further from the reality and so now 5 months later (yes that's all)  I am 
a SILVER DISTRIBUTOR and TEAM LEADER ,and have sponsored THREE  
other people.


Also my Mobility is nearly back to normal and the Bonus is I have lost 
OVER 3 STONE in weight and am now  fitter  than I have been in a long time .

I knew when I moved up North last APRIL that it was a Great idea , but I 
had no Clue that it would be the begining of my complete Change Of Life.

So would I recommend the Kleeneze Business Opportunity to anyone else?


THANK YOU KLEENEZE , you have given me my life back.

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