Monday, 7 March 2011

Its Time To Break Free And Make The Rest Of Your Life, The Best Of Your Life

If your life today is not what you thought it would be five years ago then you need to change something otherwise in another five years time where will you be ? The past is gone, don't dwell on it because you can't change it, but you can change your future if you really want to.

We can help you to design your future, to make it better than it otherwise would be, you just need to make the decision to accept our help and commit to taking some action.

Make today the day that you decide to Break Free and make sure that the rest of your life is the best of your life. Start your own Kleeneze business completely free of charge and start making an income today. Here's how it works:

When you join as a Break Free distributor you will receive a kit containing five catalogue packs, delivery bags and order forms. Your first goal is to generate £150 of orders in your first 21 days by passing the catalogues around your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues etc. Once you have placed orders for £75 within the first 21 days you will receive an additional five sets of catalogues. When you reach the £150 order level within your first 21 days you will receive a further 25 sets of catalogues to help you build your business further. You will now have earned in the region of £32, be qualified as a Business Builder and will now have 35 sets of catalogues with which to generate more orders.

Here are some of the many success stories from ordinary people who have recently joined as Break Free distributors:

Claire and I joined Kleeneze on 2 February with the Break Free option. Having
worked for 16 years with a local supermarket, my hours were cut down from
36.5 per week to only 16 hours. Claire is a qualified care assistant for the
elderly, and took time out after the birth of our two young daughters, now
aged 5 and 3. However, once my hours were cut, she started to look for work,
but to no avail. Since we joined Kleeneze, Claire and I have made £241.95
worth of sales in one week, giving us a profit of £50. We had five books to
start and, as advised, distributed them to people that we know. We gave the
catalogues to 22 people and had 14 orders from those. We are very excited
about the return and are in the process of speaking to friends and colleagues
about this wonderful opportunity.

Lillian Clarke joined with the Break Free. Within the first week of joining she
had £160 worth of orders. She took her books to everyone she knew - to her
job and family but what we thought was great about Lillian, was that she
thought outside of the box before we even met her. She took a book to her
mum’s retirement home and asked if she could leave the book with them.
Two days later she went back and picked orders up of £100! She will be
dropping there every 4 weeks from now on! The right person WILL do
whatever it takes to succeed.

The Kleeneze opportunity just gets better and better, all new starters now have their own website, and from April the online ordering system will be available to every distributor.

To Break Free and change your life for the better please email your contact details to Steve

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