Monday, 21 March 2011

Another Fantastic Kleeneze Success Story

Tanya and Chris Howson

Tanya and Chris Howson

We joined Kleeneze in the middle of May 2008, Chris was working full-time for a structural engineering firm and worked a 50 to 55 hr week.

I work part-time as a nursery nurse since having our two children, Luke who is 12 and Alyssa who is 6. We have always retailed consistently and done activity where we could around our job commitments.

Then at the end of Febuary, Chris had an accident at work the 2nd in 12mths, which was a very frightening time for us all as a family. We knew then we had to make some life changing decisions.

So when Chris came out of hospital, we continued to retail as we needed to cover our income, then we asked our sponsors Sylvia & Gary, Dave & Angie for their help to put a plan in place to enable Chris to ‘sack the boss’.

Chris started to work the plan of presenting catalogues to gain a bigger customer base, with amazing results, our retail had more than doubled, and the best thing of all was seeing what time freedom it was giving us as a family. So after 3 weeks we knew that this was it, we had hit our 18% target, that we had oringally set in our plan.

So we knew this was our future, Chris was going to work Kleeneze full-time and he ‘Sack the Boss’. Chris has worked his notice, and we are now looking forward to our freedom and future with our Kleeneze business.

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