Friday, 8 April 2011

We All Have Free Leads

When you start your own business working from home with Kleeneze you will bring a large number of free leads into the business with you. Your sponsor will advise you to contact your free leads, we know it as your "warm list" and let them know about the exciting new opportunity you have become involved with.

Your warm list is very simply a list of people you know, so will include all your family, friends, current and ex work colleagues, neighbours,  anyone you come into contact with regularly etc and will usually amount to hundreds of names.

It is important not to prejudge people and to contact everyone as you cannot possibly know who is going to be interested or not. Just because your uncle Dave drives a flashy car it doesn't mean that he is financially well off, and he may well be sick of his job, and be looking for a lifestyle change.

The process is to send them some information whether it be an information pack and/or dvd you drop off or post, or by inviting them to view an online presentation. Then you simply give them a call a couple of days later to see if they are interested in what is available. If you are new to the business yourself your sponsor will help you with this.

There are two possible outcomes for each person you approach, they will say "Yes" and join your business or they will say "No". Everyone who joins will be helping to grow your business so as their sponsor it is important that you duplicate the process and encourage them to contact their own "warm list", and grow their own business. It is also important that you ask for referrals from anyone who declines the opportunity as they will usually be able to give you a list of people they know to contact.

Just imagine that just three people on your warm list agree to join the business, your "warm list" of potential new team members has just multiplied three fold, and when some people from these warm lists join they also bring their own list of contacts, so it is unlikely that your team will ever run out of warm list contacts.

With the fast approaching launch of Kleeneze E-commerce we are making plans to recontact not just our warm list, but everyone we have ever spoken to about the opportunity, as this exciting new income stream may just tip the balance in favour of them joining our business.

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