Friday, 16 September 2011

Another Fantastic Kleeneze Story

Ann Ashley

I joined Kleeneze in January 2005 after spending  the previous 25 years in the licensed trade.  Although I’d left the trade to gain time to “have a life” I still needed something to do – but what?

I responded to an ad in our local paper, and when the information arrived I knew Kleeneze was just what I was looking for – I was able to run my own business from home with total freedom, and in my first 4-week period I hit the 10% bonus level and earned £252.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself with a superb support team only a phone call away.

The retail side provides a steady income, whilst the network marketing side of the business will provide a lucrative residual income and a very exciting future with complete financial freedom.

I am now a Senior Distributor with an average 4-weekly income of £1200-2000 and have just qualified for an all-expenses paid  5-star trip to Hong Kong – a reward for simply earning money!!

Kleeneze is fantastic !!!

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