Saturday, 9 July 2011

Its A Brand New Period.... Have You Set Some Goals?

Now that we have achieved our personal retail goals for two consecutive periods, increasing from £800 to £1600 and then to £2000 we need to keep our business on an upward curve. We know that it will not happen by chance, we have to set the goal, make our plans, and take action.

Even though we will be taking a week out this period for a short holiday we still want to achieve some growth so we have set our personal retail goal at £2100. How are we going to achieve this in 3 weeks when it took 4 weeks to hit £2000? By hard work, application, determination and unblinding faith in our ability to just do it.

We know what we need to do to get £2000 of orders because we have just done it, so we just need to do the same again but in 3 weeks, and concentrate on generating an extra £100 of orders. To that end we will be flyering the houses around our customer base advertising our online shop.

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