Friday, 29 July 2011

Start A Work From Home Business For £99

You can get started with your own Kleeneze business with the Business Builder 200 kit which includes 200 sets of catalogues for just £99 which is a saving of £57 on the normal price. This offer is running until the 4th of August, so don't delay contact us today.

We will get you up and running within a few days, and if you deliver and collect 200 catalogues each week for 4 weeks you can expect to generate around £800 of orders based on the national averages. For this you will earn £168 commission plus a bonus of approx £52 which totals £220, giving you an immediate return on your investment.

Your profit in your second 4 week period will be considerably more as you will incur far less expense, though you may wish to invest some of your profit into buying more catalogues to expand your business.

So, if you know of anyone who might be interested in earning an extra income, and lets face it who couldn't do with more money at the moment, please ask them to get in touch via the Request Information button above.

We have been in the business for almost 5 years, we are making a good second income, and if you join with us, as long as you are prepared to follow the simple system which we will show you, and put in some work, we know that you will make money.

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