Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sack your boss and quit the 45 year plan

Nobody these days still believes in the old job for life of yesteryear, but it is astounding how many people still believe that there is more security working for someone else than starting up in business for yourself.
Without even realising it, most people set off on The 45 Year Plan, also now commonly known as the Employment Trap. This is where you leave full-time education, get a good job, peak at 35 and then work with no real increase in income until retirement.
Even if you manage to achieve this very ambitious plan you still eventually end up at retirement with the equivalent income that you were earning at age 18! This is also assuming you have a very good pension.

Our educational system teaches us to be "good employees" - join the 45 year plan and then try to live according to our means. Most people do not look for an alternative, because they don't know there are any, so they plod on regardless, living life on a budget. It is usually only when something dramatic happens, like redundancy or debt that people begin to look around for an additional or alternative income.

So what have you got to lose by investigating further? Visit our website for more information.

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