Tuesday, 10 May 2011

£200 Per Month Can Make A Difference!!

Many people are struggling to pay the bills, save for a holiday, tax the car, etc and £200 per month extra would mean the world to them. If you join us as a Kleeneze distributor we can show you how to earn £50 per week, each and every week, simply by delivering and collecting catalogues.

The national average return per catalogue is £1.00 so if you deliver catalogues to 250 houses you can expect to receive orders to the value of £250 which will earn you £52.50 in commission.

Repeat this for three weeks and on average you should generate about £1000 of orders over the 4 week period, which will earn you £210 plus a volume related bonus of approx £65, giving a total of £275 or almost £69 per week.

You may well earn even more than that, earnings in excess of £400 in the first four weeks are fairly common. (Our first 4 week cheque was for just under £460 when we started 4 years ago.

And even if your results are below the national average you should still exceed £50 per week.

So the question is: Who do you know who really needs an extra £50 per week right now? A relative, neighbour, friend, work colleague? Why not do them a favour and pass on our email address stevejgarton@lineone.net and get them to contact us for an information pack.

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