Saturday, 28 May 2011

£99 Offer Extended Until June 2nd

Ok, so maybe you are one of the few who are still sat on the fence, who don't quite believe that this fantastic business works. Well let me tell you, Kleeneze has been in business for 88 years, and has always turned a profit. We have been in for getting on for 5 years, if we weren't making any money don't you think we would have packed it in by now. Kleeneze works, its people that don't.

The offer where you can get started with 200 catalogues for only £99 has been extended until 9.15pm next Thursday 2nd June. Don't let this offer pass you by, grab the opportunity to make yourself some extra money.

When we started in Sept ember 2006 we joined with 250 catalogues and our investment was £185. Four weeks later our earnings totalled almost £460, how do you think we felt? We felt fantastic, we knew that we had got hold of something that was simple to do, and if we could do it anyone could.

One final point, if you decide to join with us "We won't let you Fail." So don't delay, do it today, by emailing us your contact details, and we will call you to get you started.

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