Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Prospecting - The Way Ahead?

As we know there are many ways we can advertise our business opportunity to gather leads; cards, flyers, three foot rule, car signs, posters, speaking to customers, shop ads, lineage ads etc however online advertising is becoming more and more important as there are literally loads of "free" advertising websites on the internet, including Gumtree, Viva Street etc where you can place business opportunity adverts.
The main problem as I see it with using these sites is that when you place your ad it will appear at the top of the list but it will soon be relegated down the list to the next page as newer ads are placed. The only way to ensure that your ad is kept at the top is to pay to keep it there, usually less than £10, but not a particularly good way to spend your advertising budget.

We have recently come across a company that many of the top leaders in Kleeneze are using, (we are aware of one who got 300 leads for £100) they advertise both in the newspapers and online, and they offer monthly campaigns.  

They have a campaign about to start which will advertise delivering and collecting catalogues on some of the largest online recruitment websites such as:

  • My Job Group (Over 300+ targeted UK websites)
  • CV Library (Over 900+ job related UK websites)
  • (Well ranking online job website)
  • Job Search (Another top UK website)
They are offering this by post code at just £19.99 for a month, the ads are exclusive to Kleeneze, and only one distributor per post code. There are 114 post codes in total, and at the time of blogging 68 have been booked.

Full details of the campaign can be found here:

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