Monday, 30 May 2011

Blanket Dropping Around A Customer Base To Increase Your Income

When you first start your own Kleeneze business your aim is to find customers which you do by blanket dropping catalogues in your local area. On average it takes about 6 months of blanket dropping to build a reasonable customer base, as the system we follow suggests that we should give each householder 5 - 6 opportunities to buy from us on a 4 week cycle.

When we first started in September 2006 we followed the blanket drop approach putting out 250 catalogues each week until the following February, by which time we had a customer base of about 500 customers which enabled us to achieve the weekly income we required from our business. We then simply concentrated our our customer base and were able to achieve the same income from half the effort as we were only delivering 125 catalogues each week to our customers.

However over time there will be some natural wastage in your customer base and your retail income will reduce unless you supplement your weekly drop with some blanket drops from time to time. We recently started to blanket drop again for just that reason, and have been dropping an additional 200+ catalogues each week using a little and often strategy of about 40 per day which suits our daily schedules at the moment. Last week we picked up an extra £200 of orders and this week so far we have £130 in extra orders with 3 more days until we place our order.

This extra activity is only taking about an hour each day to deliver and collect, turn catalogues round and process orders etc and has given us a timely boost to our income and is also adding to our customer base. It just goes to prove that if you want more you simply have to do more, and in this fantastic business we can give ourselves a pay rise whenever we want.

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