Thursday, 5 May 2011

Has Your Disposable Income Gone Down?

According to a recent report UK consumers face a drop in disposable income this year equivalent to about £780 per household. That equates to £15 per week. It doesn't sound a lot but it could have a significant effect on your standard of living. Click here to read the full report.

If you are already struggling with your finances this will hit you hard, and it doesn't look like the economy will improve in the short term. So what are you going to do to improve your financial situation? I have 3 suggestions for you:

1 - You can always "borrow" more via a loan or credit cards, problem is your monthly repayments will increase, so no benefit with that solution.

2 - You could bury your head in the sand and hope things improve. But sooner or later your money will run out and then you have to find a solution.

3 - You could become a Kleeneze distributor and earn upwards of £50 per week in just a few spare time hours. Contact us to find out more

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