Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Good Customer Service Is Paramount

As a new Kleeneze distributor you will work hard for 6 months or so whilst you are building up your customer base. Your customer base is the foundation of your business, so once you have it it is vitally important to keep it. Here are a few tips on customer service that will help ensure your customers stay loyal to you:

1 - You should provide a regular service delivering the catalogues whether 4 or 5 weekly.

2 - Use clean legible day slips advising the customer of when to put the catalogue out for collection.

3 - Always return to collect the catalogue on the day stated on the slip.

4 - Make sure that the catalogues are presentable, and not dog eared and scruffy, if you wouldn't look through it then neither should your customers.

5 - Always use clean snappy bags, they are the window to your shop which you want your customers to visit.

6 - When you are going about your business remember to shut gates and not take short cuts across gardens, you wouldn't want to antagonize a customer.

7 - Whenever you come into contact with a customer, be polite, smile, have a chat with them, ask how they are etc.

8 - If a customer has a problem with a product deal with it straight away to their satisfaction.

9 - Always thank them for their business when you deliver their order.

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