Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Are You Going For It?

We are well into week 1 of period 7, did you set yourself a personal retail goal for the period? If you don't set goals your business will just meander along, possibly regress rather than progress, as you will not be focused on pushing it forwards.

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will know that we achieved our goal last period to double our personal retail from £800 to £1600, in fact we achieved over £1700. We didn't do this by replicating what we had done in previous periods, we came up with a plan to put out a minimum of 200 catalogues per week on top of our customer base. We stuck to the plan and monitored our progress over the four weeks so that we could make adjustments if we fell behind our weekly targets. And guess what?  our plan worked and we achieved our goal. So what did we do next?

What we did next was to set a new target for period 7 of £2000 of retail, or breaking it down over the four weeks to £500 per week. We usually bring in about £200 from our customer base each week so we need an additional £300 each week to hit our goal.  So based on the £1 per book that we generally get from blanket dropping we need to deliver and collect an extra 300 books per week, which equates to about 43 per day.

So how is our week one going I hear you ask? Well we have £380 in orders so far with 3 days to go so we are just about on target, we still have customer base stragglers to collect today, and another 90 books to process before Thursday, so £500 looks very do-able this week. Come On!!

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