Monday, 27 June 2011

New Catalogues Have Boosted Our Retail

The new catalogues are working really well providing a great boost to our sales in week 3 of the period. With still 3 pickups to do this week and daily stragglers we are sitting pretty at just over £1400 for the period. So we are still very much on course to hit our target of £2000 for the period, with less than £100 to achieve week 3 target. 

When we took the decision at the end of period 5 to go public with our goal, we did it because we felt that it would help to give us the kick up the backside that we needed. We had set goals before, sometimes we achieved them, sometimes not, but if I'm honest there were more failures than successes. But we had only let ourselves down in the process. Call it a mindset if you like, but the thought that we have announced our goal on our blog, means we dare not fail, we have to go the extra yard, we have to achieve, we want to set good examples, and if it helps one of our blog readers as well then that will be a massive bonus for us.

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