Saturday, 18 June 2011

When you were a kid learning to ride your bike did you fall off?

If you can remember that far back.... I'm struggling to.... I would guess that you fell off a few times before you mastered the art of staying on. But can you remember what happened the first time you fell off? Did you say to yourself "That's it, I've had it with that bike I'm never gonna learn to ride it" Of course not you most likely got straight back on and tried again. And in the end you got the hang of it as all kids do.

The point I'm making here is that as kids we have an inbuilt desire to succeed whatever is thrown at us. However by the time we become adults, for whatever reason, its all too easy to give up if something gets in the way. That's probably why there are loads of "triers" in our business, those who get the catalogues, put them out, it rains when they are due to pick them up, or they don't get many orders on their first pick up and they quit. The word try  in this context should be erased from the dictionary and our vocabulary, its a nothing kind of word. I mean just try and pick up a pencil right now, there's no middle ground you either can, which I guess covers the majority of people or you can't.

When we set our goal of £2000 of orders in this period, we didn't say that we will try to do it, we said that we will do it. So when we collected in our blanket drop of 50 books this morning without picking up a single order, we didn't quit on our goal, no we put out another 54 books on what was planned to be a day off from blanket dropping.

If you are struggling with your business right now we hope that you take some inspiration from this. As we are told quite often at meetings, you can draw a line in the sand whenever you wish, whatever has gone before is history, now go out and create your future. Our circumstances mean that we have to do more, and do more we will, with a single minded attitude, until we reach our goal. Come On!!!

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