Sunday, 5 June 2011

We Have Set A Goal To Be In The Top 20 On Gavins Top Retailers List

Because of a recent change in our circumstances we find ourselves in need of earning more money from our Kleeneze business and have started a new blanket dropping campaign as reported in an earlier blog post.

We have been doing about 40 catalogues on overnight drops with the goal of 200 catalogues per week minimum on top of our customer base. So far we have dropped 720 catalogues in just over three weeks which has resulted in 27 new customers and £560 of additional sales, which is a fantastic average of over £20 per order.

As a result of this activity we have seen ourselves climbing up Gavins top retailers list, we are still a long way from the top, but have set ourselves the goal of making it into the top 20. To do this we will need to achieve four weekly sales in excess of £4000, and we are starting from a base of about £800. With five days left in period 6 we have achieved £1160 in orders and are on target to double the figure we achieved in our last period which was our goal when we started the blanket dropping campaign.

We have split our goal down into smaller stepping stones that we need to achieve on the way to our ultimate target. £2500 of retail sales in a four week period will pitch us around about the top 100 on Gavins list and that is our initial goal, we won't get there in period 6 but we will have taken great strides towards that figure. Beyond that £3200 should get us into the top 50 and well on the way to our ultimate goal.

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