Saturday, 11 June 2011

Former factory worker finds debt solution by starting a Kleeneze business

A former factory worker who was struggling with £20,000 worth of debt has found a way out by starting his own business with Kleeneze.
Craig Austin (32) from Burnley started putting together his own team of distributors for Kleeneze 18 months ago, after his credit card and bank loan debt got so out of control that his home was repossessed.
Craig said: “I’d been working in factories for nearly ten years, making minimum wage, and my debt had just grown and grown – I knew I had to do something to get back in control of my finances. Having our flat repossessed was the final push I needed to sort things out.
“My wife Vicky actually joined the company just after having our son in 2008 as a way to get back in shape – delivering catalogues and orders door to door meant she could get out and about and get some exercise while making a bit of extra money – so I started helping her out after work and on the weekends as a way of bringing in extra cash.
“I soon realised that working on Kleeneze full time was the best option for me – I’d be able to get out of the daily grind of working in the factory and make my own hours.”
Both Craig and Vicky are now focusing their efforts on their Kleeneze business.They have a team of 16 distributors and are making £1,200 a month by working just 15 hours a week each.
Craig continued: “We’re now on a payment plan and are paying off our debts in manageable monthly instalments. While it’s still a struggle financially, we can now see light at the end of the tunnel.
Working with Kleeneze is so much easier and more rewarding than my old job. If we know there’s something specific that we want to save up for, we can easily just increase the hours we work – there’s no waiting for overtime to become available like in my old job.”
Craig and Vicky are not alone in struggling to control their debt. According to the latest statistics, the average debt per UK household now stands at £8,428 excluding mortgages.
Jamie Stewart, managing director of Kleeneze, said:  “Growing debt is a real problem for many people in the UK.
“Working with Kleeneze allows distributors to set their own hours, working as little or as much as they like, so it’s a great option for people who just want to make some extra cash in their spare time as well as anyone who’s looking to start a new career.”


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