Monday, 13 June 2011

Struggling pensioners turn to ‘partirement’ with Kleeneze

A couple who lost everything in the recession have avoided bankruptcy by trying their hand at ‘partirement’ – returning to work on a part time basis – with Kleeneze.
Geoffrey White (75) and his wife Cathy (59) formerly ran their own catering business, and retired five years ago. They had invested heavily in property both in the UK and overseas, and when the credit crunch hit in 2008, they made huge losses – the couple soon found themselves a week away from declaring bankruptcy.
Geoffrey said: “We literally lost everything and we needed to get back on track financially as soon as we could; as we’re both past retirement age, though, our options were extremely limited.”
While researching ways that they could make money, Cathy found out about Kleeneze. The couple decided to start their own business with Kleeneze, and are now making up to £2,500 a month running their Kleeneze business on a part-time basis; supporting their team of Kleeneze distributors and their own local customers.
Cathy said: “We received our first pay cheque within four weeks, which helped immensely. We’ve since built our business and now have a team of distributors working with us.”
Geoffrey continued: “While we never expected to have to return to work, Kleeneze offered the ideal solution because we can build our own hours, so we’re still able to enjoy our retirement.”
Geoffrey and Cathy aren’t the only couple having to contend with financial instability in their old age; many people of retirement age are now finding that their pensions aren’t enough to live off. And with the latest figures from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), showing that 1.4m people aged between 51 and 65 – and 900,000 people already over the age of 65 – are now expected to live to 100, many are worried that their savings won’t be enough to see them through their final years.
Jamie Stewart, managing director of Kleeneze, said:  “’Partirement’ is becoming increasingly common. A significant number of our distributors are of retirement age and we’ve seen an increasing number of applications from those looking to top up their pensions or save for their future.
“As well as allowing you to make money quickly, working with Kleeneze offers a great social community combined with regular outdoor activity.”

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