Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Portfolio working with Kleeneze pays off for cash strapped single mum

A single mum who struggled to secure full-time employment has found the solution to her financial worries by developing a portfolio career and holding down four very different part-time jobs, including a role with Kleeneze.
Caroline Lockwood (50) from Malmesbury works as a nurse, a teacher, a barmaid and, most recently, as a distributor for Kleeneze in order to provide for her three teenage children.
Caroline said: “I’ve worked as a teacher in a local junior school for the last five years – at the end of last year, my hours were cut down to just two days a week. With a mortgage to pay and three kids to support, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get by financially.
“I decided that my best option was to return to my former career in nursing, but I quickly discovered that there were no full-time jobs in the sector. I joined up with an agency, and even though they’re usually able to offer me around three or four days of work a week, it’s an unreliable way to earn a living and I was still struggling for money, despite carrying on with my teaching job as well.
“So I began to take weekend shifts in the local pub. This left me with enough money for the bills and other essentials, but I wanted to be able to make a bit more so I could treat the kids. So I started my own Kleeneze business in my spare time a couple of months ago. It means I can work from home and I’m making over £100 a week for around ten hours work – £10 an hour is way more than I could ever earn in another part-time job.
“I love the variety of having so many jobs and it means life is never boring. I’m particularly enjoying building up my Kleeneze business, because it gets me out in the local community, gives me the opportunity to meet my neighbours and get some exercise too.”
Caroline isn’t alone in choosing to develop a portfolio career – over 1 million people in the UK have at least two part-time jobs rather than full-time employment*.
Nearly 25% of Kleeneze’s network of distributors use their work with the catalogue company to top up their existing salary in their spare time, earning extra income by delivering and picking up catalogues door-to-door and dropping off customers’ orders.
Jamie Stewart, managing director of Kleeneze, says: “We’ve seen a significant upturn in applications from those looking to work with us part-time in order to make a bit more money and supplement the income from their full-time job.
“Working with Kleeneze allows distributors to set their own hours, working as little or as much as they like, so it’s a great option for people looking for flexible and rewarding work.”
* Office for National Statistics Statistical Bulletin: Labour Market Statistics March 2011

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