Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bucket List Dreams Are Goals Too

Have you always wanted to jump out of a plane? Have you dreamed of taking a take a trip to another part of the world or pamper yourself and stay in a five star hotel? I strongly suggest you write them down as goals. The very fact you have written them down puts your mind to thought. Once the vision of these life long dreams is implanted in your mind, your unconscious mind then goes to work keeping the picture there.
It is suggested by the experts, that our goals be realistic and obtainable and these goals also make us stretch. We have to work toward our goals and their success will generate a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Through the process of writing our goals it is commonly suggested that you break them down to two main groups. These include personal goals relating to health and relationships as well as financial goals pertaining to your life style both tangible and intangible. I personally think it's advisable to add a third category, "Things I want to do before I die".
So what might fit a Bucket List Goal? For starters it's our childhood dreams. The when I grow up stuff. Things you might do if your ship comes in. We all remember the fantastic movie The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Did it not make you feel good as they crossed the dreams off the list? I know I have tears in my eyes every time I watch the movie. I truly believe it's our God given right to leave this planet with not regrets and a huge smile on our face. Imagine the accelerating feeling knowing you squeezed all you could out of your life. Wow.
If you're not a goal writer I would suggest just one goal for you. Make the choice to be a participant in life and remove being a spectator from your mind. Once the decision is clear you want to be a participant, your dreams and aspirations will take root. Enjoy the journey of growing and being the best you can be.
Paul resides with his wife and Golden Retriever in Bedford Nova Scotia. Paul is an entrepreneur in all aspects of life weather it's in a business he is involved with, his volunteer work or being part of a sailing team. Life is about being a participant and not a spectator. I have learned that when you stumble there is very little time to grumble. Get up. Dust yourself off. Get on with it. New experiences await. Many of them will bring joy. I can be found at

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