Sunday, 30 January 2011

Our First Four Weeks In Kleeneze

We started our own Kleeneze Home Shopping business in September 2006 for an investment of £180 for which we received a starter kit including Business Manuals, 250 catalogues and order forms etc.

In the first four weeks we put the catalogues out and collected them in once each week, and earned a total of £459.19 (see proof of income below) which meant we had earned over £100 per week and not only got our investment back but were also in profit by over £270. A nice little earner!!

To earn this money we had put in about 10 - 12 hours each week, time that we would probably have otherwise spent lounging around watching the TV. We did not do anything out of the ordinary to earn this money, we just followed the simple system that our sponsor had shown us.

It also proved to us that Kleeneze works !! And over 4 years later it still works !!

If you know anyone who could do with an extra income please do them a favour and direct them to our website where they can view a 15 minute DVD which introduces the opportunity, and where they can leave their contact details to receive further information.

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