Monday, 17 January 2011

MLM Training Tips: "One-Liner" That Gets Masses Of People To View Your Opportunity Presentation

There's one activity in the world of network marketing that gets you closer to the money than any other, and that's presenting your opportunity.
I grew up in the industry with the saying: "He, who shows the plan the most, wins." That's very true because volume will out-perform quality and if you are capable of figuring out how to get more people to simply LOOK at your presentation, you'll win.
There is a guy in my primary opportunity who has recruited over 400 people FRONT LINE in his organization. That means that through his volume of PERSONAL presentations, over 400 people have signed up with him directly. There's another guy who has over 270, and yet another one who has over 120.
Now the guy with the 400+ front line recruits was brought up on stage and interviewed by the co-founder of my opportunity to discover the secret to his amazing recruiting power. As you can imagine, the energy in the room was electric as everyone got poised to take down this magical formula.
When asked, "how are you able to recruit so many people?" He responded with, "Because I show a LOT of people my business." The very day of this event, this guy had 30 people look at our opportunity presentation and was able to recruit 2 of them. He recruits 1-3 people every single day, and made the comment that "recruiting is easy; you should be able to recruit like you breathe."
Do you believe that? Do you believe that recruiting is EASY? Well, the truth is recruiting is easy when you can get your business in front of hundreds of people each month. I want to give you a simple one-liner sentence that will explode your opportunity presentations if you will simply apply it:
"You wouldn't happen to be looking for more income, would you?"
There was a door-to-door insurance agency that sent their salespeople out into neighborhoods to knock on doors and do an 8 minute presentation. They got the door slammed in their faces either early on or half-way through the presentation, which caused productivity to plummet.
The company then decided to hire an outside consulting firm who specialized in fixing problems like this, and they instructed all of their salespeople to make one change: To ask a one-liner question. This one liner question increased their productivity (or sales) by 300%!
Here's that one-liner: "You wouldn't happen to be looking to purchase insurance, would you?"
The reason why this works is because they were able to go through a massive number of people faster to get to those who would say "YES, I am looking to buy insurance."
What most people tend to do is over-complicate the process. If you would simply ask the question, "You wouldn't happen to be looking for more income, would you?" there would be a dramatic increase in the number of presentations that you are able to show.
"You wouldn't happen to be looking for success in network marketing, would you?" If you answered yes, then implement this one-liner today and plug in to my blog for other great MLM training tips.

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