Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Circles

I mentioned in a previous post about the circles, and how excited I was when I was shown this concept, and how this could build us a fantastic income in our network marketing venture with Kleeneze.

There are two sides to the Kleeneze business, retailing and sponsoring. Retailing is simply delivering and collecting catalogues, and delivering orders to your customers on a weekly basis. £50 - £100+ can be earned per week for about 12 - 14 hours of retailing spread over the week.
Sponsoring is the exciting side to the business, and you can earn fantastic incomes by building a team, incidentally you do not earn any money off the back of a team member, everyone earns the same commission from retailing, but the company pays a loyalty bonus based on your total team sales.

To illustrate how the circles concept works, imagine you recruit just 3 people into your team which we will call stage 2, and show them how to retail £1000 every 4 weeks which is a good figure to aim for, and they all then want to start building a team as well, and you show them how to recruit 3 team members each who retail £1000 every 4 weeks, they will all then be at stage 2, but you will now have 12 team members, we will call this stage 3, yet you will have personally sponsored only 3.
Now the approximate 4 weekly earnings for a distributor at stage 1 (retailing £1000 in 4 weeks) will be £250 - £300. Stage 2 earnings when you have a team of 3 each retailing about £1000 every 4 weeks is approx £450 - £500. When your 3 team members have each sponsored 3 people and you are at stage 3, you will be earning £800 - £850 every 4 weeks, but you are still retailing just £1000 every 4 weeks. It actually becomes clearer with an illustration:

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