Sunday, 23 January 2011

5 Suggestions to Getting Much More Prospective Customers For the Business

Once you get started in any type of home based business your only focus should be on getting prospects to talk to about it. That's really it. It's not about knowing the comp plan inside out, organizing your desk, or memorizing your companies leadership structure. It's all about getting more prospects. Without having prospects you'll never make any money, plain and simple. So, how do you go about getting more prospects to talk to? Here are 5 tips to help you in doing just that.
1. Be Enthusiastic - This tip ranks up near the very top. No matter if you are brand new in your business and don't know every detail about your product or opportunity, if you have enthusiasm, you'll have success. People love to be around others who are on fire and enjoy what they are doing. Think about it for a minute. Most people live a life of drudgery, going to a job they hate, and barely making enough to get by. They are looking for a better way. When they meet up with someone who is passionate, and shows them how to change their current situation, they will take notice and listen. People love to be led, and they will follow passionate and enthusiastic leaders. Bottom line; Enthusiasm is contagious!
2. Talk To Everyone - Are you one of the many home based business top secret agents? If you are, STOP. You can never build any kind of home business by not telling others what you do. Tell everyone what you do. No matter where you go, or who you see, let them know about your product and how it can help them. If they are talking about money, let them know you have a way for them to make more. Realize that just about everyone you meet is looking to have more money than they currently have. If you don't tell them about your business, someone else will.
3. Be Honest And Professional - Never exaggerate, or make up income claims. Be honest and professional at all times. I know it can be difficult when you first start and someone asks you how much you're making. It's easy to want to make up a big dollar figure. Don't do it. People can tell if you are being honest or not. Think about your kids for a moment. You know when they are telling you the truth or not. You can sense it. The same thing works in your home based business. If you are honest and professional, people will respect you. But, if you're not, you'll lose your all your credibility. When you've lost that, then you've lost your prospect.
4. Keep It Simple - How do you explain to others what kind of home business you're involved in? Do you take 15 minutes to tell them every detail of the comp plan, the chemical makeup of the product, or the structure of the home office? I hope not, because if you do you will lose your prospect 99% of the time. People want to know the answers to two questions. What is the product? And, what would I have to do? All the other details are meaningless right now. Use only 2-3 sentences to let someone know what you do and how you do it.
For instance, if you are in health and wellness you could say, "I show people how to look 15 years younger. If you want to make an extra $500 a week all you have to do is hand out these samples and get 2 others to do the same." Of course you will change it up to fit your business opportunity, but you get the basic idea. You have answered their questions. What is the product, and what would I have to do. If they want to know more, then you can go into more details. If they don't, then you didn't waste a lot of time. You spent all of 10 seconds qualifying them.
5. Set Goals - Most people never plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. This is so true. Goals are the road map to your success. Without them you'll never know where you're going, or how to get there. Don't underestimate the power of setting goals. Take a moment right now to write out your plans and goals. Challenge yourself to talk to 5 more people today than you did yesterday.
These 5 tips will definitely help you in getting more prospects for your home business. Keep learning all you can about your business, but above all else, have fun and enjoy what you're doing. By doing so, success is inevitable!

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