Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Kleeneze Business - What It Is and What it Isn't

The amount of people who contact me on a daily basis via phone, or email and ask something along the lines of "Do you have any jobs available?" I have to shake my head, but maybe it's to be expected. After all, most people have no idea what Kleeneze actually entails, and mistakenly think it's just catalogues, catalogues and more, yes you've guessed it - catalogues.
What Kleeneze Isn't
Let's get one thing right, from the off - Kleeneze is not a job. It's not something you do for Christmas and then quit. It's not something you do for a few weeks because you're in need of a bit of extra cash. Kleeneze is something you invest both your time and money in, as you can see the bigger picture and you can appreciate that once it's built up, after 2-5 years, you'll have something to sit back on.
What Kleeneze Is
Well, what if I said to you that Kleeneze in essense is two businesses rolled into one? The first is a Catalogue Retail Business. The second is a Network Marketing Business.
The Retailing Business is all about finding people who do buy from the catalogues. That's pretty much the bottom line. You go out and find X amount of people who wish to place orders with you, for Kleeneze products. Nothing difficult in that is there?
Think of a hairdressers which has just started up in the middle of your town/city centre. How many customers do they have? The chances are they don't have any, so their first aim is to go out there and find them. By not only finding customers but giving them a great hair service, those customers will come back again and again and repeat custom has been fulfilled.
It's the same with the catalogues. You go out and for the first few months and your only goal needs to be building up a customer base of X amount of people who are happy with the products and service that you provide - and order again and again. This is where you get repeat custom and what does repeat custom equal? That's right, a repeatable income.
What I've found is most people who join Kleeneze have only really looked at the first part of Kleeneze and not looked or really understood the Network Marketing side. In a nutshell, 'Network Marketing is marketing via a network of people'. I think I'll repeat that line as I think it explains it well - 'Network Marketing is marketing via a network of people'.
Once you have the experience of distributing the catalogues, collating and processing the orders and then taking the products around around to your customers, the networking part is simply showing other people to do exactly the above. You then earn Volume Profit and Royalties on every order their customers make.
People mistakenly mix Network Marketing up with Pyramid Selling, where Pyramid Selling is where people get paid for signing people up to a programme. A product doesn't even have to be sold, in order for the person to receive a bonus. Also, what happened in Pyramid Selling was that the person 'at the top' was always the wealthiest.
In Kleeneze, the product has to move, in order for people to earn. Kleeneze are marketing the products via a network of distributors - Network Marketing. The Kleeneze payplan also has a limit on depth, which is 5 generations. What this means, is you can earn more in Kleeneze than the person who introduced/sponsored you into the business.
I hope this has helped you to understand the Kleeneze business a bit more. When I speak to people who are interested in joining I always make sure that I feel Kleeneze is for them.
Somebody who thinks Kleeneze is a job, sets an alarm bell off immediately that this person most definitely does not understand how Kleeneze works.
Stephen Clark has been with Kleeneze for 7 years, working purely on a part-time basis.

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