Sunday, 23 January 2011

How much are the kleeneze catalogues worth?

Cost £32 for 50 sets, which equals 62p each pack (main book, health & beauty, sale book, order form and a plastic bag)

It is possible to put catalogues out and in 3 times in a week

The catalogue cost has now dropped to 20p

The catalogue is live for 6 months so 3 times a week for 26 weeks will be 78 times the catalogues can be in and out.

Cost of the pack is therefore less than a penny (62p dived by 78)

Now if you just work with 100 sets, 3 times per week, for 6 months, based on the company averages you will generate 30 orders per week with a value of approx £300. 

Over the 6 months that will earn you about £1520 plus approx £460 in bonus payments. 
So those catalogues which will have cost you next to nothing will have earned you almost £2000  

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