Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fantastic First Week For A New Kleeneze Distributor

This story is typical of what can happen to anyone starting their own Kleeneze business if they just get stuck in .......the story has been shared by distributors Sue & Steve Ferguson, and Dave & Jane Mounsey.

Hi Sue & Steve,

Just to let you know about Dean Renshaw who completed the link on Monday evening.
Dean has been out of work and has been unable to get a job so he started on the break free option.
I arranged to see him Wednesday evening, armed with the recent ‘track your success’ flyer, a copy of the income chart and a copy of the circles.

Within 5 minutes of me showing him these documents he was on the phone to his best friend Anthony and we sent him the link to join.

On Friday his neighbour Chloe joined and that evening we all listened to Craig White’s Conference call at Dean’s house and everyone was amazed what could be achieved with such a simple system.

On Saturday Dean’s friend Daniel got started and this afternoon another 2 family members have too.
Dean has already got orders over £75 having presented the books to 20 of his neighbours over the last few days and will be putting the order in tonight.

He has another friend coming round later so he may have another team member tonight!!
I am impressed with his actions but what makes this even more impressive is that they don’t have a car and they have walked at least 6 miles on each occasion to speak to their friends who live in neighbouring towns.
Anthony has also shown an interest in building a team and has sponsored a friend this afternoon!!!
Can’t wait to see what happens next week as Dean really has got the bit between his teeth.
To sum it up, he has been in the business 6 days and has 6 team members!!!!!!!

We are so excited for him!!

Read all about the Kleeneze Home Based Business Opportunity at http://sackyourboss.web.officelive.com/ & http://www.mykleeneze.com/635472
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