Monday, 7 February 2011

Retailing With Kleeneze

People have a lot of misconceptions as to what is actually involved retailing as a Kleeneze distributor, usually formulated by what they have been told by a friend of a friend who's cousin tried it a few years ago.

What it is NOT .... is selling;  Kleeneze distributors are not sales people, we do not do any selling, we have catalogues that do the selling for us. All we do is post the catalogue packs through letter boxes, typically 200 - 250 packs per week when you first start, and collect them from the doorstep a couple of days later, with or without an order, how easy is that !

Naturally some people will have forgotten to leave the catalogue pack outside for us to collect, in which case we post a reminder slip to prompt them to leave it outside for us the next day so that we can collect it.

The next stage is to process the orders to Kleeneze which is done online and only takes a few minutes, the goods are then delivered to the distributor 48 hours later.

You then place the customer orders into bags ready to deliver, take payment by cash or cheque on the doorstep and that's you done.

The process described above based on 200 - 250 catalogues per week will take no more than 8 - 10 hours of your spare time spread across the week, and based on the national average catalogue returns will earn you in the region of £50 - £70. A nice extra spare time income!

To find out more about retailing with Kleeneze please click here.

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