Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Why Do People Quit Network Marketing ?

So why do people quit ? As a caring sponsor you will have shown your new distributors how your business operates, step by step, so that you do not overwhelm them with information, and then they quit!! Some will have a good reason to quit but most don't yet they still quit. If we knew the answers as to why they quit we would all have much bigger teams and much bigger incomes.

Ed Ludbrook, author of "The Network Coach", "100% Success Basics", "The Big Picture" etc is running a free webinar on the 7th & 10th of March, in which he will cover: The three main reasons why people quit, and how to find out the real reason why one of your people is quitting. How to stop people from quitting in the first place. What to do and say if one of your people is talking about quitting. And how to reactivate "Dead" people.

If you haven't heard Ed speak or read any of his books then you really need to if you are serious about building your network marketing business, we are all in for a treat, and this is FREE!!!

I would thoroughly recommend that you register for one of the webinar broadcasts, because even if you can't make one of the sessions all registrants will receive a recording of the webinar and webinar notes. 

Here are the links to register for the UK broadcasts:

 March 7th at 9am   March 7th at 8.30pm   March 8th at 2am

 March 10th at 9am   March 10th at 8.30pm  March 11th at 2am

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