Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More Kleeneze New Starter Success Stories

Carol Hunter joined with the Break Free kit. She initially requested a catalogue through our Kleeneze website, but as she lived in Scotland it was a bit far for us to deliver one. So, instead we did an online presentation. After she joined, we advised her that as she worked in a hospital to get the catalogue around her work colleagues and friends. With her first 5 catalogues, she collected £164.25 in orders. She now has the catalogues out to another 5 friends and is eagerly awaiting her free catalogues.
(Sent in by Ram and Sylvia Laing, Silver Senior Executive Distributors)

Our new starter, Nicky Amamize is doing amazingly well. Originally when I spoke with her about joining she wanted the Break Free kit. I explained that if she really wanted to earn more money from the off, she may be better off investing in the Business Builder Kit and she could get stuck in with more catalogues from day one. And that’s just what she did, starting with the Business Builder 50. Nicky is a full-time mum of three sons, two of which are at school. While the boys are at school, she goes out with her youngest son, and spends the day presenting and collecting the catalogues. Within her first 2 weeks she hit the 10% level, and now in her third week she has
placed another order for £475 and sponsored her first team member.
I am so proud of her; I know she is going to go very far.
(Sent in by Zoe Climpson, Gold Distributor)

Claire and I joined Kleeneze on 2 February with the Break Free option. Having worked for 16 years with a local supermarket, my hours were cut down from 36.5 per week to only 16 hours. Claire is a qualified care assistant for the elderly, and took time out after the birth of our two
young daughters, now aged 5 and 3. However, once my hours were cut, she started to look for work, but to no avail. Since we joined Kleeneze, Claire and I have made £241.95 worth of sales in one week, giving us a profit of £50. We had five books to start and, as advised, distributed
them to people that we know. We gave the catalogues to 22 people and had 14 orders from those. We are very excited about the return and are in the process of speaking to friends and colleagues about this wonderful opportunity.
Sponsored by Rhian and Anthony Jones)

Details of how the Break Free option works can be found in my blog post dated February 11th.

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