Thursday, 17 February 2011

Kleeneze - Effective Retailing Pt 1

Effective Retailing is not just about putting out catalogues, collecting them in, and delivering orders, anyone can do that. The last bloke that put a catalogue through our door about 5 years ago did just that, and he doesn't do Kleeneze any more. We placed an order with this guy and when he turned up to deliver it he was pushing a rusty old buggy that looked like it belonged on the rubbish tip, I think that’s where he had got his clothes from as well, god he was scruffy.

Effective Retailing is about putting out catalogues, collecting them in, and delivering orders… Effectively… To illustrate this I am going to cover three topics the first of which is Presentation.

Its so important to create a professional image for your Kleeneze business so that you are the best distributor in your area. Lets give you some idea’s how to do this.

The catalogue is your shop window you want it to look the best it can to attract your customers to buy. Take a walk down your local high street, which shops are full of customers…. the ones with an attractive shop window, if you were a butcher and had rotten looking meat in the window would you expect customers to come in NO -  So don’t put tatty looking catalogues out to your customers. Make sure they are clean and fresh looking, and remember to stick your label on the back of the main book.

Snappy Bags - Make sure your snappy bags look good, when you turn round your catalogues, check the snappy bags, if they have got holes in, or someones cut the top off because they can’t work out how to open them, or they just look dirty change them for a new one.

You need to create a good impression - You need to look the part, after all you are running your own business, so dress smartly when you are out and about doing your Kleeneze business. If you turn up at the door like the guy with the buggy you will create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers, unfortunately it will be the wrong impression.
We always wear our ID badge so that it is visible, we feel it creates a more official look.  And it also helps the little old ladies who don’t like opening the door to strangers to see who is at their door.
You can buy the badge holders from Staples for a few quid for a box of 10 or so. Also useful to give out to your downline.

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