Monday, 21 February 2011

The Fear Factory

At the Kleeneze conference in January the authors of Go For No, Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz gave a presentation that blew us and the rest of the audience away. A couple of weeks later purely by chance I clicked a link whilst surfing that took me to a web page where Andrea mentioned their book The Fear Factory, and shortly after I downloaded it from Amazon Kindle.
I have to say that it is an awesome book, if you find it hard to step out of your comfort zone in any area of your business then this book will help you.

This is how Amazon describes the book:

"What if there really was a Fear Factory? What if there was actually a company whose business it was to manufacture fear? What would their mission statement be? How would they go about marketing their product to the consumer? Who would their competition be? And where would they set up operation?

It's a rainy Seattle morning and account executive Steven Traynor is on his way to the most important business meeting of his life. But as the elevator ascends toward the client's office on the 14th floor of the Fearn Tower office building, Steven's life is about to change forever. In this book you will learn...

- The only fears that come as "standard equipment" at birth
- How fears are manufactured, bought, and "sold" at the Fear Factory
- To identify the "triggering events" that cause fears
- How to desensitize yourself to the things you fear
- Ways to turn fear into the fuel needed to accomplish goals
- Why you must do something everyday that scares you!
- And how to put the Fear Factory out of business forever!

The lessons that Steven learns on his wild journey through the Fear Factory are going to have a profound impact on his life... will it do the same for you? Come in and take a tour for yourself!"

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